Why Women Leave Men – The Three Biggest Reasons

If you just have a breakup, you must be wonder “why women leave men?”. If your woman doesn’t cerish the relationship anymore and has decided to end it, find out the genuine cause can be really hard. She might not even give you the real reason behind her decision to leave you and that will only make it even harder. You must put some serious efforts into it if you really want to know the real cause. Check out 3 factors that usually are the main reason of why women leave men:

1. A Change In The Relationship

Very often, women leave due to the fact that there’s been some kind of change between you, and it isn’t always an easy task to recognize this exact change down. But the majority of us have been there before: The relationship has lost its spark, it’s not fun anymore, the feeling is dead. It’s just like you’re friends now, and all that thrills is gone.

But you’re both wrong if you think that. Actually, that spark is there somewhere; it’s just buried under a bunch of junk. You guys have become bored and apathetic. Relationships take work, and you have to get that spark going again.

Some guys miss the point completely and say, “But we’re still having sex!” That may be a whole lot worse, and I will tell you exactly why. It’s because, if she feels like the love and pleasure are gone but you guys are still getting it on, she’ll feel like you’re only using her for sex.

2. You’re Not There When She Needs You

Women need support. LOTS of it. Men are usually more independent, but women need some support every once in awhile. Women need it much more than men. Support does not merely mean affection; it also means respect. You may not realize it, but you may be belittling her and not respecting her opinions. Women need to feel this respect, which implies you have to show it.

This occasionally happens because both of you simply too occupied for quality time together. When she wants to talk and you happen to be busy, she may think you’re brushing her off. What you should do here is spend a little more time with each other, and let her know that you respect her as an individual.

Women need affection, respect, compliment, encouragement and a shoulder to cry on. They need you to hear them and to apologize when you do something stupid. Sound like a lot? It is! But don’t forget, she’s your lover, partner, friend, support system and co-conspirator; she has to be all of that.

3. Significant Life Changes

Occasionally women leave because their life has changed and the guy’s life hasn’t. She’s moved on into a new zone in her life, and you’re still within the last one. It could be because you were not paying attention when the change emerged, or because you don’t want to follow her into this new phase of her life.

One big difference among men and women is that women look at everything in the long view, and men generally don’t. When I say “long view,” I am not talking about next week or even next month. I’m talking about many, many years in the future. If she’s thinking about the future and you’re not, this can cause some problems. If she’s looking at the future and you’re not in it, this is really serious.

You have to show her that you’re keeping up with her changes and planning your future together too. These life changes are like bumps in the road; they don’t have to totally throw you into the ditch. It is possible to weather the storm if you keep communicating with each other and keep supporting each other.

If you know why women leave men, it can help you keep your relationship in check. Remember these reasons and keep the doors of communication open, and you can fix your problems as they come up on you. 

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14 Responses to Why Women Leave Men – The Three Biggest Reasons

  1. john says:

    I never understand my woman she just not the same person I met and now she have hurt my emotion and broken my heart so many time she just keep on doing the same thing like she love me but I believe her and now I see the light and she just call her so called brother and find out that they sleeping together and having sex and she tell me that she did and he threaten me so many time and I need help………..

  2. The Real Truth says:

    I just can’t believe how many very sad and pathetic women we have out there nowadays, and you shouldn’t really be taking your problems out on us Innocent Men since many of us are Very Good and know how to treat women well with Respect too.

  3. Joe says:

    After 15 yr marriage and all the nice things marriage has to offer was had. My wife suddenly experienced menopause, and decided she was not happy with me anymore. We have a young child and I was hoping she would hang on a little longer for the sake of our child, but I knew there was something wrong by her lack of affection in the last year. When a woman reaches menopause, her needs for affection are severely diminished. But I am also guilty of taking things for granted. I was used to the nice treatment and was acting a little selfish at times. So now I am paying the price. Tried reasoning all I could to keep the marriage going but her mind is made up. Mayby this is a good thing in disguise since I was also feeling less “in love”. But I hate starting life over after 50. Women in general don’t want a low income older man no matter how nice and sexually healthy he is.

  4. David Ayre says:

    Woman will always leave a man they cant control if you look at all the long term marriages the husband obeys his wife hands over his hard earned money and if his lucky he might get a bit of sex once a month,we are weak because woman can cope with living alone they are quite happy as long as they can go shopping men are just cash despensers for them

  5. franko says says:

    well there are certainly much more LESBIANS than ever before, and more and more women nowadays are going for other women instead of men. i can certainly see why i have a problem meeting a good woman for me, and i am a straight man that had been married at one time. my wife left me for another woman, and i was a very caring and loving husband that never mistreated her in anyway. so now it is a problem for me to go out again, and start all over. i seem to meet all the very nasty, LOW LIFE WOMEN now instead of a decent one. and even the straight women have such a very bad ATTITUDE PROBLEM, and are so very hard to start a CONVERSATION with. i can’t BLAME MYSELF since so many women today are turning out to be very rotten.

    • Don says:

      Franko, I’m sorry that you were disappointed in your last relationship and that your wife left you for another woman. But seldom does a woman leave someone simply for a sexual reason and chances are it simply was your wife deciding to be true to her own desires. As far as only meeting other women who are as you say, ‘rotten’, I believe that your belief system, and expectations that there aren’t any good women out there, are being fully manifested by you. The simple truth of relationships is you get only what you expect. And if your expectations are that you can only meet less than adequate mates, that’s exactly what you will meet. .

  6. grego says:

    My girlfriend left me with no real explanation. We had been seeing each other and had known each other since were were young children. We were, I thought, intensely in love, and our parents knew each other. We were at separate colleges and she sent me a Dear John letter saying she was marrying this other guy and “he is just like you!” ,please come to the wedding–I didn’t go. I wrote a diplomatic letter a few years later asking why and got a terse response–I live my life as I choose and i answer to no one. My reasons are my business and don’t contact me again. I still don’t know any more than I did a week after it happened. I wonder what happened to the girl I love so much. By the way, I have moved on and married another woman.

  7. Rachel says:

    i totally agreed with you, at least thus are the reasons i will leave my men, but do you have any solution for these?

    • Richard W. says:

      Hi Rachel,

      From the way you said it, it seems you’re ready to leave him and by ‘solution’ you mean how you can save the relationship.

      I’d say the first thing to do is making him see the relationship the way you do. In other words, make him willing to commit more on the relationship. I suggest you read get him to commit for more in-depth advice in this area.

  8. Baz Irvine says:

    What?? This is the most gender biased article I’ve ever read. Obviously you have done no research or used any facts to substantiate your views.

    You simply assume that the female is superior and all fault and effort falls to the male. Trying to explain the complexity and intracacies of successful relationships by telling the man to give more to the woman and do everything to accomodate her life style, wants, needs, views or whims is absurd! It is sexist! It doesn’t account for any socio-economic variables or statistical information.

    There are more assumptions than perspective by far here. What about when the woman can’t or won’t communicate? What about conditions such as work schedule conflict, children, mommy and daddy time or something mind blowing like the needs of the man? Stereotyping men while empowering the female with your personal views should be saved for your own ignorance and chat activities and not served up as advice.

    • Richard W. says:

      Hi Baz,

      I appreciate your concern and to be honest, a woman just accused me of being sexist as well for writing why men leave women.

      My answer for yours is similar to hers: the article was originally written for men left by their women and still wondering what mistakes/blunders he made that end the relationship, thus the article was created as a list of self-examination points to prevent the same things from happening again in the future on another relationship. It probably with the same woman or with another.

      That being said, I’m not saying that you must sacrifice yourself to win the love of your woman. If you’re an ambitious workaholic guy that spend 70 hours/week at the office and you got a clingy girlfriend who depends on you to make every little decision in her life, then the break up was probably the right thing to do.

      It takes 2 to form and maintain a relationship and both of you have to make some compromises for the sake of it. In my opinion, these compromises are the one that make a relationship long-lasted.

    • Mary mary quite contrary says:

      Yes “Mr.” Women don’t NEED “research”! WE have INTUITION. YEP!!!

      The Holy Bible says: “God created Man” … then a man got ahold of the Bible’s REAL version (wasn’t THAT a “man” called Constantine? or maybe a Priest?) and suggested that MAN was in charge! NOT!!!!

      What REALLY happened was that “God created MAN … then SHE SAID “I” KNOW I CAN DO BETTER THAN THAT! hahaha

      And us chicks have been CREATING ever since! We don’t even NEED your guys woodies to impregnate us. We just find a way to use your little wigglies to fertilize our eggs. Then “we” grow them and hatch them. Most of the time you guys don’t even bother to help take CARE of them, right?

      YES I’m being sarcastic … but then YOU deserve to have YOUR ego trimmed down considerably “testosterone brain”. hahaha


      • carlos says:

        i think you are angry, and or hurt…it is not healthy to have this “us vs. them” mentality. there are good and bad actions, regardless of sex or creed. we all have masculine and feminine qualities, i both sexes.be well

      • Wayne says:

        I am Woman, Here me roar!

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