Why Women Leave Husbands – the Four Main Reasons

Nowadays, a lot of marriages don’t last long enough to realize the oath “until death do us part”. If you take a time and see why women leave husbands, you’ll realize that most of the problems that cause it can be resolved if you are willing to put some efforts into it. Here are the 4 reasons why women leave husbands, and what can be done about them.

Problem 1 – He’s Not Working Hard Enough

Marriage requires lots of work, and if you are married, you know very well what I am talking about. However, many women leave their husbands simply because they feel like he’s stopped putting the effort into it. When women see their partners start to turn them off, it is the beginning of the end. She feels like she’s putting in all the effort, and she figures “Why bother?”

This is tough for men to comprehend. Usually, they feel like they’re working hard at their work, and this is their contribution to the relationship. They’re worn out by this contribution, and it makes THEM feel unappreciated and leads to resentment. But, what she is talking about is emotional commitment.

What You Could Do – Spend some time together. Plan it, like it’s an appointment with a client or buyer. Make time together and keep it focused on both of you. It is just as simple as that.

Problem 2 – Where’s The Affection?

Aside from his time and effort, women also need affection. This naturally dwindles down from the first date to 30 years of married life. However – you cannot let this happen! It is just as significant now as it was when you were first dating. A lot of guys don’t realize this.

Without that spark of affection, a marriage will become a joint venture and practically nothing more. It might not even be a friendship anymore, and this is dangerous. Believe it or not, women need love, affection and intimacy a lot more than men do, and this includes what goes on in the bedroom.

What You Could Do – Start going out on dates just as before. Go back to those magical beginning days. Spend some time making a little love.

Problem 3 – You Just Don’t Listen

Within her needs, a woman also needs to be listened to. Plenty of women report their husbands’ inability to pay attention as the top reason. Actually, the problem isn’t that men don’t listen; it’s that they simply cannot stop themselves from offering their opinions and trying to “fix” things. It’s part of a man’s primal nature, I guess.

What You Could Do – Ask her about her day, then shut up and pay attention when she’s talking. Ask her open-ended questions like “How did that make you feel?” Don’t worry about solutions; your listening is sufficient.

Problem 4 – Being Unfaithful

This one is quite easy to understand. He has an affair, she finds out, and then it’s finished. Nevertheless, there is a deeper truth hidden behind it. Having an affair is marriage suicide and the majority of men realize it. You fully aware that your wife will not give you a second chance if she finds out. No other woman’s really worth all that, and you know it.

When a woman finds out that her husband’s had an affair, it opens a whole Pandora’s Box of bad feelings about him. It also opens up all her negative feelings about herself. This double whammy is more than most women can handle, and that’s why it’s time for divorce.

What You Could Do – Men who are cheating should QUIT right this moment, and then look for the actual reasons why they’re doing it. Those reasons are the real problem, so find them and fix them. The problem involves her? Lay the cards on the table, speak with her, and find a solution. Only then, you can have a happy marriage once again. If you get caught cheating, you’ve got a long road ahead of you to build up that trust again.

A marriage takes work. If you notice the signals that she’s considering to leave, then you should ACT; RIGHT NOW. Keep in mind that you’re the only person that can save the marriage.

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13 Responses to Why Women Leave Husbands – the Four Main Reasons

  1. Al says:

    Well now that so many women have their careers nowadays making a six figure income which will have a lot to do with it as well, especially since most of these women are very high maintenance, independent, selfish, spoiled, greedy, picky, narcissists, and very money hungry which really speaks for itself too. And most of these women are very likely to sleep around with different men all the time just for the thrill of it which most of these women are the ones that do cause most of the divorces to begin with.

  2. Linda says:

    My husband use to recent me because I earned more them him. Now that I’m on disability, he recent me for that. He chronically lies to me about things large and small. He is addicted to porn and online gaming. He has more of a relationship with his computer than he does with me. As soon as I can get some kind of job, any kind of job I’m out of here. Lying undermines the foundation of a marriage.

  3. Dave says:

    Women also leave out of adulterous betrayal when they THINK they have found someone better. Then, almost invariably, their new thing wears off. Then, thinking they cannot just keep going from man to man, they stay with the one for whom they destroyed their real marriage. They wallow in misery for decades thereafter in their unhappy lives after selfishly having destroyed their marriage. Sound familiar?

    Many women are selfish and self-consumed. When a man blows them off the world is supposed to stop revolving because of their pain. But when they do it, the man’s pain sickeningly means nothing to them. They then have to eventually live in misery and denial with some guy they can no longer stand because of their own wicked wrong-doing.

  4. taylor says:

    If a wife wants to leave she should leave. I’m a guy and I’ve dealt with break ups and you should always just pack their stuff and put it outside and pay for a cab once they threaten this, it will never end well.

    Maybe they don’t mean it and it was just a threat but just send them off. You will do too much of their bidding and they’ll leave anyway.

    When a relationship is done it’s done no amount of “trying ” will save it.

  5. Heartful says:

    I left my husband five months ago because he took me for grant I really loved my husband he didn’t really know what he had but he will know what he lost no doubt he will find someone but you won’t know if she really loves him or wants him for what he can do for her remember if you have a good wife don’t take advantage of her love her

  6. ivan says:

    ONLY GOD JESUS is love. All us humans are the ten commandments in reverse. We must be taught and learn how
    to understand and keep the ten commmandments. Other wise
    we are just two faithless unfaithful humans trying to get
    married for lust, selfishness, ego, and everthing elese
    except for the LOVE OF GOD IN US>

  7. joe trione says:

    my wife left and hasnt been back in last 2 months we were married in october she says shes not happy with me and that we rushed into marriage most days lately im lucky to get one text or call a day shes fresh out of prison and is bipolar ive asked her why she isnt happy but she cant tell me why shes moved out im not sure what to think

  8. ben says:

    My wife left because she found a man who makes more money.Then after doing so .She found out we both where lieing. He lied and was making alot less money then he said.And i lied and was hiding alot of money she didnt know about.Now she wonts to come back.I LMMFAO @ her.She is pist off now.HAHAHAHAH .HEY YOU GOT TO HIDE MONEY FROM SOME ONE WHO WONT STOP SPENDING EVERY THING YOU MAKE.AND I WASNT HIDING IT FROM HER JUST SO I HAS KEEPING IT FOR ME.I WAS KEEPING IN PUT AWAY IN CASE I REALY MAKE IT TO RETIRING .She found out i am make 2 times the money she didnt know i was.HAHAHAHAHA sorry sucker.

    • Brent says:

      Way to go.
      Looks like god sorted it all out for you.
      Now go find a women with a Job that truly loves you for you. Then you will have a happy life. That is just an evil story. My wife used to spend tons of my money and look at me and say you will just have to work harder and make more huh. Not cool at all and god is still working on this one…..

      • BadlandsBabe says:

        I am a woman & I’d like to say that these examples of what women do are pathetic at best & a complete disgrace to all women in general. I don’t come from money & I’ve had to work my ass off for everything I’ve got my point being when I enter into a relationship it’s not based on what “he” has. Women who base relationships on that are shallow, empty, hallow & I’m using nice words. My feelings on the subject are when you’re in a relationship there is no gender biased anything, when it comes to what chores need to be done or what makes the relationship work & if you don’t communicate & I mean really communicate don’t even bother with one another. Both parties should do what needs to be done & set no expectations of one another unless you’ve discussed certain things and have agreed upon them. There’s no reason both people don’t work together on everything period. It makes no difference who makes more. As a woman just because his check is bigger than yours doesn’t entitle you to go spend money that hasn’t been discussed on useless material crap that is nothing but self centered and brings you 5 minutes of materialistic happiness. Meanwhile you have a partner that is supposed to last a lifetime that you’ve completely disregarded, & possibly a family that has other expenses that need to be met. These are the types of women that give the rest of us who bust ass a bad name & make me sick to my stomach & are a complete embarrassment to every female like myself. If people would be mature yes I said mature enough to realize marriages aren’t based on bullshit & just because you aren’t getting your needs met you don’t just throw away the marriage, in today’s disposable world I know many find that hard to believe…There’s plenty of excuses that I hear but no real reason that are acceptable when it comes right down to it but of course this is regarding both parties being willing to acknowledge & work on the issue. When we go back generations to our grandparents, great grandparents etc… Those were different times yes, but these people worked hard & also worked hard at staying together. People for some reason have this fantasy of perfection in their relationship or marriages & when life happens they are shocked that the reality is not such good times are always to be had & their answer is to run from it leave it, divorce it in thinking what? They are going to find someone out there that doesn’t exist because like it or not everyone has shit fall into their laps at one time or another so don’t expect to find that fantasy person because you never will they doesn’t exist, and don’t contribute to creating or adding to the shit either…Above all consideration and respect of yourself and your partner go along way…If you aren’t to fucked up to ask yourself if you traded places with your partner would what your doing bother you, then that’s your answer. There is no miracle book on partnerships & if you don’t think yhey require work from the two people equally that are involved don’t waste each others time. Successful marriages or partnerships aren’t for the weak at heart. You get out what you put in & it doesn’t get any more real than that. I’m by far asking anyone to think like me I’m just sayin’ think….

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