Why Men Leave Women – Seven Most Common Reasons

commitSome women think that they can do everything perfectly and they’re the best thing ever happen to their man life. The ugly truth is that men are more likely to leave a woman that acts this way. But if you try to understand the reasons why men leave women, you’ll find some things that you never thought of. These are the most common reasons that a man will leave a woman:

Feeling of boredom
– Many men get bored with women who become stagnant. Lots of women like to have their way and will not explore new interests. Many men are very outgoing and enjoy trying something new. If the woman isn’t willing to try something new such as having a good time doing some new activities or trying something new in the bedroom, a man may get bored and move on.

Cheating – Both women and men cheat. If the woman cheats and a man finds out, it is almost always the end of the relationship for the straightforward reason of knowing that the woman is bored with him to want to cheat with another man. If the man is cheating, then he may have found something in the other woman that he can’t get with his current relationship. A man might leave for the other woman if she satisfies him more.

Disagreements – It doesn’t always take a big disagreement to make a man leave; if it happens frequently and make him really inconveinence, he’ll leave. It might feels a little wrong now, but you need to put an effort to understand him better and agree with him more. This will make him believes that he has an actual role in the relationship. If he doesn’t want to deal with a woman that constantly disagrees with him he will just leave.

Beliefs – Many men are adamant about their beliefs. A woman who attempts to switch a man’s beliefs will most likely find themselves being replaced by the man’s beliefs. Disproving his beliefs could be a sign to him that he should leave the woman so that he could keep on his beliefs.

Gender Roles – Many men wish to be the man of the house. A woman which makes more than he does is overwhelming. A woman that does not do housework or takes the time to be a feminine woman will often be a difficult subject to deal with for the man. He will most likely leave for another option that pleases him more when it comes to gender roles.

Rest Time – Many men need their time off and women who take up their time with things he would rather not be doing will break his nerves except if he’s getting rewarded for taking his free time away from him. Making him do things that he would rather not be doing on his time off is definitely an awful idea when you want him to stay.

Reminiscing of Single Life
– Lots of men feel that they are better off single simply because they do not need to please anyone. Single men have more freedom and could essentially get away with doing anything that they would get in trouble with if they were in a relationship.

These are all reasons why men leave woman. It’s not always one of these though, some men are different and will leave for completely different reasons. It is also possible that the woman are the one who drive the man away although she does it unintentionally. Taking the time to provide what he needs helps to keep him there.

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20 Responses to Why Men Leave Women – Seven Most Common Reasons

  1. R. U. Kiddinme says:

    Man leaves woman. Why? Sometimes both will not know the other until after a long relationship and the passing of vows. I believe that is where the “knowing each other” really begins. Then and only then will each of them find that they have made a mistake. No one knows the other until they live with the other.
    A man will leave a woman because he is not appreciated for the things he does i.e. going to the store when she announces it or does not feel like it; cooking; helps around the house with mopping; sweeping; washing clothes; washing dishes when the dish washer is full; folding clothes when dry; helping with the bills; making sure the car is right including cleaning; cutting the grass in the grass cutting season; trimming the grass;gardening; watering flowers; and a host of odds and ends. All of this and no pleasurable activities except to get plenty of sleep. Constantly being told what to say in response to her conversation and how to say it; when to be quiet; don’t mention other women even if they are the one’s to deal with in a business setting. And the list goes on and on.
    And you ask why a man would leave a woman.

    • Sandra Smith says:

      I moved in because he wanted me to we lived 2 hours away. He lost his wife in 10/2014 talked a lot about her but I let him. The love making was sometimes not good because I believe he was thinking of her. She was very controlling and then the x sister in
      law always texting and calling. In the back of my mind I thought there
      E w..as something between them. He had been with his wife for 31 years. Even took me to the grave he kept telling me that he was not over his wife. And after 3 months of this up and down I pack up and he drove me back to my daughter s

      We are both in are 60 but I have only had one other relationship 38 years ago. Yes I still love him and I would text every week . Finally I told him I would delete his number and I did. I am now on pills for anxiety and depression. I still wAnt him back.

  2. michelle says:

    Honestly some people dont take their vows before God seriously.

    • Steve says:

      Just to be clear, “unfaithful” men were a key part of the bible with men having multiple wives (e.g. Solomon and David). God never directly condemned them for thier liberties, but was explicit about monogamy generally in later writings with those interpreted to be somewhat seen as focused on women (a gender it totally devalues anyway). We’re left up to humans (ministers and scholars) to help us understand the inspired writing in the holy text. Years of Methodism have taught me your own view (holy spirit filtered) is the best way to study/read this vow

      Singed an exceptionally flawed male who has read the bible cover-2-cover twice and divorced after 20 years when there was nothing remaining on either side of our religious vows.

  3. AEFord says:

    If it’s got tits or tires then a man will have problems. The only thing that men and women have in common is that neither trusts women. Now, argue about that.

  4. matt says:

    Why didn’t they mention an unpleasant wife as a reason men leave. No one wants to be tied to an anchor their entire life. Of course bad times can come for anyone but they should be replaced by stable times at some point. Everyone has a patience level and men will leave if their wife is persistently unhappy and ultimately unable to solve her emotional issues.

  5. Jay says:

    Well one very good reason is that many women nowadays are certainly the Biggest Cheaters.

  6. Bosslady says:

    I agree in which men like to be sexually satisfied and like to try new things in the bedroom , Me as a woman like that too but like to be approached with love and respect .I used to cook and clean do all that housewife stuff for years but felt I was never appreciated so I stopped about a few months ago. Men are weak thats why they leave and find another woman we woman are strong and stay in the relationship longer than we shou;d have. I was with my husband for 26 years up until now he left for another woman. I did every thing as a matter of fact he is who he is now because of me. If I didnt satisfy his needs then it could have been cause he was satisfying me either I was just too afraid to walk away. I am 40 and he has been the only man in my life. Do you guys think he will come back to me.

    • tony says:

      Honestly, if he does come back he’ll do the same thing again. You are not new to him. Forget about what they say about keeping him satisfied. Because he’ll. Never be satisfied. When your shoes are ran down you get another pair don’t you? That’s how most men look at women even when they love you. New is always better even just for a moment.you can keep trying your luck with other men but don’t give your all. If you think I’m wrong about what I’m saying then count all the men you broke up with for this reason. This is for all women reading this.

    • David Molina says:

      You mentioned that you shaped him and formed to what he is today. Maybe that’s why he left you. He didn’t like his marriage and probably himself. And perhaps he didn’t know how to explain to you.perhaps you wouldn’t consider his opinion. I don’t know for sure, I’m just speculating. Many times a woman hacks away at what a man is. By the time she’s finished with him. She will always say, you are not the man I married. On the other hand, he might come to realize that he made a mistake leaving you and might want you back in his life. Or maybe he might be eternally stupid,and view women as an inferior sex. Or perhaps he is very naive about the opposite sex. I wish you happiness and piece of mind. Find someone that is compatible with you, be patient. David from Texas 😤.

    • Steve says:

      Be careful…most men are not really weak and you fool yourself if you believe it to be be true. Men are actually much hard to figure out (in our culture) than women. Men want to be the first rat off a sinking ship. Rope, swim, it doesn’t matter. Some men like eye candy because they like the attention from other men while and other like companionship, but it is up to both of you of figure out what keep both in the relationship. Personally, I spend 7 years trying to let my wife know it was about BOTH of us vs. her (in a 20 year marriage) to no success – a women at the end of her marriage figured this out …here I am divorced and connected to another woman (divorced after 20 years) for ten years. Look without blame at how you can both reinforce each other and don’t settle for a man that can’t communicate the same. Weak men will likely try to blame others (dump quickly).

  7. franko says:

    it is more like women leaving us men today, and there are much more women cheaters than ever before.

  8. olivia says:

    sorry spelling off just upset im wrong to

    • Richard W. says:

      That’s OK
      From bits and pieces I catch:

      – You’re married
      – Your ex is married as well but both of you still have some kind of connection
      – He likes African American women
      – He married to a white woman

      Sorry if I’m wrong, but it seems you’re having an affair right now, or at least an emotional affair.

      This condition isn’t good; be it for you, for him, or for his and your current family. You’ll need to choose one between your ex or your current husband. Try to read when to divorce; it’ll help you to asses your current marriage and see if it worth to keep.

  9. olivia says:

    why do your ex expect you to leave your current husband and he is married with two kids around my age age 36 and he say he is com fused. he is alwas disapearing in and out and had the nerve to tell my husband , if you love your wife you need to mean it. he is a retired but his whole marriage possibly life he has liked african american women. but he married a whte women . for now twnety plus years. i would not have sex with him or anything i guess he got bored , call me the next day to check in txt later that night he wanted me way long ago then i ask if he was drunk , no response.

  10. Maureen says:

    Oh my gosh, are you kidding me? What a sexist skewered viewpoint the obviously male writer has!
    ” Many men need their time off and women who take up their time with things he would rather not be doing will break his nerves “. What about the things she would rather NOT do with you?
    “A woman that does not do housework or takes the time to be a feminine woman….”
    What?? He didn’t actually say that, did he? Why don’t you do some housework and dress more manly, you douche?
    Wow, you sound just awful. I bet your wife secretly hates you.

    • Richard W. says:

      Thank you for commenting Maureen.

      The article was originally written for women left by their men and still wondering why/what mistakes they made that destroyed the relationship. Thus, the article was made as a list of self-examination points to prevent the same thing from happening again in the future on another relationship. Probably with the same man or probably with another.

      I’m not saying that you should change yourself to win the love of your man. If your partner insist that his woman must be feminine and you think that’s just not who you are, then the break up was probably the right thing to do.

      I admit that sometimes my article might offend one side and it’s not intentional. I’m trying to be objective whenever I write; please feel free to take a look at some others I made for men:

      why women leave men

      why women leave husbands

      • Louise Krekic says:

        All I can say is that the women who were left by their men were very stupid, or had low self-esteem. They picked badly. Why would you pick a man who doesnt help you around the house or who doesnt listen to you or doesnt want to discuss problems and improve marriage ? I would know the guy is a bad marriage material even before the third date. A guy who wants to stay married and doesnt want to grow old as a childless old grump needs to be patient with his wife. Women have so much on their plate that it isnt even funny. We get overwhelmed with pregnancies, cooking, shopping, housekeeping, keeping in touch with relatives, you name it.
        Pick a man who has a good agreable father and who respects his mother and you cant go wrong.

        • michelle says:

          Ok so i am dumb because my husband of 13 years left me.I think first of maybe u should read your Bible. A marriage is for life. it makes man and woman plus God. A woman or man is not dumb just because their spouse leaves them.

  11. Hai Denk says:

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