The Do’s and Don’ts of Winning Back Your Boyfriend’s Heart

Everyone says a breakup is a disheartening experience. You feel a stab of pain in your heart. There’s an indescribable mixture of negative emotions within and moving a step forward is the least interesting option.  Oftentimes, you feel the drive to hold on, to fight back and win the love again.

Though the motivation is there, the ways on how to win back the love is more difficult to carry on. It’s all because you tend to act based on how you feel, not on how you think. To make things simpler for you, here are the guidelines to help you get your heart’s desire.

Guideline No. 1: Don’t beg.

Beggars who chase after you gives you a feeling of either pity or annoyance. You trigger the same emotions if you’re down on your knees to plead and say, “Please come back to me. I will do anything for you.” Because this is not attractive, chances are you’re pushing your ex even farther. It makes him realize that he just made the right decision.

Guidelines No. 2: Don’t bug.

Only a few people have a heart for bugs. They are usually being avoided or put out by insecticides. In the same way, if you bug your ex with text messages, calls and emails, you’ll get the same treatment.  Don’t suffocate him with too much affection. Always saying “I still love you” or “I can’t help but think of you” are not the best lines in this stage. Give him space. He needs that. You need that even more.

Guideline No. 3: Don’t get wasted.

If you think booze will help you forget the pain, you’re right. But still, it won’t solve the problem. If going to bars and getting drunk is your best option, you’re making your life miserable and hopeless. Though it will get the attention of your ex-boyfriend, it will also make him think you’re not independent enough to manage your problems. This idea isn’t sexy for him at all. It will only drive him to look for someone who can take care of herself in difficult situations.

Guideline No. 4: Do find yourself.

When you’re boyfriend turns his back on you, it means one-less person to take care of. Hence, you can use that time and energy for your own growth. Look for a healthy diversion that will develop your talent, skill or interest. This method of turning lemon into lemonade is an act of a mature woman, something that will create a good impression on your ex.

Guideline No. 5: Do think reasonably.

Try to ponder what went wrong in the relationship. Was it because of personality differences? Was it because of another party? Was it because you didn’t have sufficient time for each other? Knowing the main cause of the breakup will bring up ideas on how to fix the broken pieces.

Guideline No. 6: Do communicate.

All problems are resolved by communication. When you’ve already calm down, talk to him heartily. Share the pain and discuss the possibility of getting back together. If your ex still cares for you, you would know right there and then if being in each other’s arms again is still possible.

If things don’t turn out the way you expect it, don’t blame yourself. It’s just telling you that there’s beauty in sunsets, that there are other things in store for you and that the best is yet to come.

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