Strengthen Your Marriage through Five Simple Activities

Simple activity like walking on the beach can strengthen your bond and re-lit near-forgotten passion

For a couple to strengthen their bond, they don’t need to schedule a backpacking adventure to Europe, buy fancy gifts for each other or regularly try any grand activities. More often than not, it’s the little things that matter more. They are the sand that forms part of the beach or the trees that create the forest. They weave the wonderful memories that couples like to reminisce from time to time.

Below are five simple but meaningful dating ideas you’d love to consider.

Moon Watching

Except on new moon or cloudy nights, you can do this at any place. Take a ten-minute break from watching TV and stay at the balcony to stare at the glowing moon. When you’re on your way home from work, park your car at a spot for some moonshine. Most movies overemphasize romance when the moon is perfectly round but the truth is, it never loses its radiance no matter what its shape is.

Wave Listening

You don’t even have to pack your swimwear for this activity. Just go to the beach, love the sand you’re lying on and listen to the therapeutic waves. You’ll hear one of the best musical pieces nature has ever produced. This is best done when the place isn’t jam-packed with beachgoers. The silence magnifies the wave sound and makes each other’s presence more felt.

Aimless Walking

Try this early in the morning or late afternoon to avoid the scorching heat. Put on your most comfortable footwear and go for a walk around your neighborhood or in a nearby park. If you prefer, you can drive somewhere and explore a different place. Walking opens your eyes to unique things that are there but went unnoticed. It’s a good form of exercise for your legs, too.

Fun Cooking

Cook your own food together and enjoy every minute of it. Slicing tomatoes, deep frying fish or sifting flour can be more fun with the company of your significant other. Search for some great recipes on the Internet and try something new at least once in two weeks. It would be fun bringing the taste of India, South Africa and Spain on the dining table!

Hammock Swinging

If you have two trees or poles in your backyard, tie a durable hammock in between. Swinging in a hammock may be too childlike but the to-and-fro movement is quite refreshing. It reminds you of the happy mood of a typical kid. Spend your lazy weekends and days off watching flying birds, staring at the clouds, reading your favorites books, watching videos, listening to music and chitchatting at that area. You’ll love every second of it.

The suggestions above are cost-free but truly intimate. If you noticed, they are activities that give you and your partner ample opportunities to communicate, a very important factor in marriage. At times, they also allow you to share the comfort of golden silence. Always, they let you behave as who you are. If you lose these things in marriage, you will forget that giggling excitement you feel when no one else is around but you.

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