Still in Love with Ex Lover? You’re Just Six Steps Away from Being Together Again

One indicator that you’re still in love with ex lover is you still miss him/her despite the way you were rejected. Though you’re devastated because there’s already someone else, the love fizzled out or you’re not anymore his/her priority, you still can’t burn the letters, throw the pictures or delete his/her last message on your mobile phone. The feeling is still so alive that if a genie showed up, you would request only one thing: you want your beloved back in your arms again. But since the magic lamp is far from your reach, read these tips to guide you to your heart’s desire.

Breathe again.

When you’re in the state of filling the void your ex left when he/she walked out of your door, you can’t spell sanity correctly. Impulses stir you to act carelessly and the result saddens you even more because you seem to be doing things the wrong way. At this stage, it’s important for you to stay put and be as objective as a scientist. Breathe and know what’s given in your situation before you act.

Value yourself.

To put it bluntly, don’t exaggerate your desperation. You’re only selling yourself so cheaply he/she would reckon no one would buy you in the market. If you don’t stop chasing, you’ll get avoidance. If you continue stalking, you’ll get into more troubles. Spare yourself some pride by not offering everything to him/her. Be positive. Don’t let the negative emotions gobble you up.

Welcome changes.

Try to develop a new hobby that wasn’t part of your routine with your ex. If you weren’t fond of going the beach, make swimming your regular exercise. If you’re not the outdoor type, be an active member of a mountaineering group. It’s your diversion that will trigger his/her curious soul. When he/she sees you with a different aura, your ex will wonder what changes have happened since you split up.

Keep updated.

If you’re still in love with ex partner, don’t cut the communication. Gather all your nerves to send him/her an email but as a friend. Update each other about what you’ve been up to recently. Don’t avoid your common friends, either. They will inform you of the things that he/she can’t directly say to you. This way, you’ll know where to stand and how to get him/her back.

Observe gestures.

If your ex still cares for you, you’ll notice the signs. The typical gestures would include replying to your messages, showing up at gatherings you attend and asking you out with other friends. It’s necessary for you to be sensitive with his/her moves. Since you’ve been with him/her for sometime, you’d know better if getting a second chance is possible. Don’t influence your observation with your feelings. Otherwise, you end up cheating yourself.

Talk sincerely.

When the time is ripe, escape from the others and talk sincerely. Openly discuss what your problem was, how you hurt each other and which direction you’ll be taking. If your ex is in the mood, reminisce your wonderful and unforgettable memories. Your nostalgia will confirm a few lines from the song of Regina Spektor. The last part of “The Call” says, “Let your memories grow stronger and stronger ‘til they’re before your eyes. You’ll come back when they call you. No need to say goodbye.”

If you’re in the middle of a still-in-love-with-ex issue, you try everything to put your relationship back on the road. However, remember that driving in full speed will only put you to danger. You’ll do better if you put on the seatbelt, follow the traffic lights, turn at the right corner and pull the brakes.


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3 Responses to Still in Love with Ex Lover? You’re Just Six Steps Away from Being Together Again

  1. Anthony says:

    Hi Eric. So I’m still sooo in love with my ex girlfriend, and want to get her back terribly, but she has refused to talk to me since the break up…well, we did talk a little at first but then she said she thought we shouldn’t talk anymore and stopped replying to Facebook messages, phone calls, etc.
    I love her to death man…we were planning on getting married (not engaged yet, but were planning on it). Damn it I can’t stand the thought of her being with anyone else. I want to get her back and keep her.

    Can you help please?

  2. Richard says:

    I’m sorry Eric, it might be possible, but I think it’ll be a lot harder to apply in a long distance relationship.

  3. Eric says:

    does all of this apply if it all started as a long distance relationship, and with a few visits in between, broke up at a distance?

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