Stick to Being a Couple – Four Activities You Can Do Together

You and your spouse are called a couple because you are supposed to be linked by a special kind of affection. If you prefer to do things on your own, you pull yourself away from this gelling force. If you continuously do this, it can be the start of a wide gap, which can cause a multitude of negative consequences such as infidelity, lack of attachment and unsatisfied marital needs.

From the paragraph above, it can be inferred that to strengthen your marriage bond, all you need to do is to regularly hang out with your partner. This will give you quality time to know and be known, appreciate and be appreciated, cherish and be cherished. Below are four common activities you must ensure you do together most of the time.

Eat Together

When you’re eating together, you prefer to talk about pleasant things. Don’t you notice that when you fight over dinner or talk about heartaches while eating, you lose your appetite? It’s because food has always been connected with happy thoughts. That’s why couples who go food tripping at different restaurants don’t only satisfy their cravings but also bank on wonderful memories. You don’t have to spend too much for this, though. Eating together at home at least twice a day is more than enough.

Sleep Together

The most sacred and exciting thing about being married can be done in the bedroom. Hence, there’s no reason for you to dislike going to sleep together, cuddling each other in bed and having a short intimate conversation before traveling to dreamland. You spend one third of your day in slumber and even if you’re unconscious during this stage, you must see to it that you’re comfortable sharing the bed with each other. For if you’re uneasy with your spouse when you’re both asleep, how much more when you’re awake?

Plan Together

It’s natural that your relationship will be challenged by your career, personal priorities and individual preferences. These usually become hindrances in spending quality time with one another. To prevent this from happening, plan together and adjust with your likes and dislikes. You can also agree to compromise once in a while. After all, love requires sacrifice to be with the most special person in your life.

Pray Together

Seeing a couple or a family attending the holy mass has always been a heartwarming scene. If spirituality somehow directs your relationship, make it a point to visit church or pray together for enlightenment. Those who do this often say it brings them great, positive energies. If you’re not the religious type, allot time for shared personal reflections about how life is treating you as a couple. Being serious at times may let you feel more grateful for all the blessings in your marriage.

Doing things together all the time is unhealthy, though. You also have to give yourself some space for individual freedom and personal choices. But once you decide to enter the sacrament of matrimony, you must understand that you’re giving up a big part of it. When you sign the marriage contract, you agree to use ‘we’ more often than ‘I.”

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