Signs of a Cheater – 5 Symptoms of Infidelity

You’ve been together for quite a long time and everyday is like every other day, peaceful and satisfying. But you feel something in your gut and it makes you uncomfortable, you just feel something is not right. You notice your partner changing, and your feeling intensifies, yet you never ask questions because you know that it will only end up in a fight.

Maybe there’s a third party and you need to know the signs of a cheater to resolve what you are feeling.

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Needs more Privacy

If you notice your partner being alone more frequently then you might be in the presence of a cheater. Being alone allows your partner to have open lines of communication with the “other person” via cell phones and computers. Cell phones and computers are really personal gadgets but being too guarded with these things might be an indication that your partner is withholding some information.

Improved Appearance

Has your partner suddenly made different efforts to improve their appearance? Some of these efforts include joining the gym, getting a new haircut, buying different grooming products, having new clothes, shoes and so on.

Be wary of these changes because your partner might be trying to impress other people.

Having New Interests

With having new relationships, it’s all about impressing the other person. Being interested in other hobbies or sports can be one of the signs of a cheater. Maybe the other party is enrolled in a cooking class and your partner suddenly gets the energy to cook, or your spouse suddenly becomes interested in animals as the other person works in an animal shelter.

Lack of Attention to You and Your Relationship

Being in a relationship is really hard work. It may be easy and carefree at first but as a commitment endures time, there is a certain amount of effort that needs to be done in order to preserve that relationship. Having another person on the mix disrupts that certain effort and if your partner stops, for example, kissing you in the morning, saying I love you, or sending cards or gifts, you may just ask yourself, is this one of the signs of a cheater?

Work, Work, Work

This one is a classic. Having overtime work is one of the most overused excuses when you are cheating with someone. It is very easy to cheat after working hours especially after a long and tiring day.

You can notice that your partner is doing things other than work if there is no extra money coming in at all. If this is the case, then you have the right to be suspicious.


If you are in a relationship, being a little suspicious is healthy, just don’t over do it. If you see the signs of a cheater, then communicating with your partner without making assumptions is the best next step. You might get satisfying explanation, it might be nothing, and you can kill the uncomfortable feeling in your heart.

However, if your partner is overreacting or being too evasive when you confront them about their behavior changes, there might be something going on behind your back. At this point, guessing will get you nowhere. The first easy step you can do is checking out numbers they’ve been calling or calling them frequently, then get the info on the number’s owner. You can do that easily by inputting the number on this reliable phone reverse service.

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4 Responses to Signs of a Cheater – 5 Symptoms of Infidelity

  1. preeti says:

    i think my hsbnd is cheatd me bt he does nt accept wht i shoud do

  2. cindy says:


  3. jessie says:

    A secret phone proof enough for cheating I m thinking so

  4. Cathy Walters says:

    My boyfriend left on Friday and never came back

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