Signs He is Cheating – Six Noticeable Weird Behaviors of A Cheater

Affair DetectiveYour relationship is almost perfect that you become the envy of your friends. He is very affectionate towards you and showers you with all the lavish gifts in the world that other women can only dream of. Until one day, you feel like everything has changed, for you are no longer his priority. Do you think he is cheating on you? Read on to find out the obvious signs he is cheating.

He’s beginning to be Conscious of his Looks

He is not someone who is quite obsessed with the way he looks. But suddenly, he becomes too conscious with his overall look – always grooming himself in the mirror and even enrolled in a gym for his daily workout. If you notice these on him, then be very mindful, because he could be flirting with some other girls at work.

He becomes too Moody

He used to be very cheerful whenever you two are together, but suddenly, he’s becoming too moody that he’s making a big deal on the small mistakes you’ve committed. And every time you confront him about something, he just suddenly gets mad at you for no reason at all. If this happens a lot, then you better be watchful because this is already an obvious sign that something is very wrong in the relationship.

He spends a lot of Time at Work

Have you noticed he’s going to work early and going home late from work? Do you sometimes wake-up in the middle of the night seeing him leave your house, and when you ask him why, he would reason out that he had some emergency at work? Well beware, for these are very obvious signs he is cheating, because there is a big possibility that he is going somewhere else to meet up with his mistress.

You Always Catch Him Lying

Take note of this – a cheater is very good at lying, so if you catch him lying on you, do not just shrug it off. Be wise enough to know the reasons why he’s lying – is he hiding something from you? If this happens a lot, then you better be ready to face the truth that he is cheating on you.

He Always Asks for Some Privacy

Each time his cell phone rings, you would see him leave your side and talk somewhere where nobody could hear. Sometimes, you would feel like he talks to his phone in a very low voice, as if he is whispering to his caller – he even hides his cell phone away from you, and whenever you ask him why, he would beg for you to give him some privacy. Well, think again, he is probably talking to some other girls and that’s why he is asking for some privacy from you.

He does not Go Out with You More Often

You used to attend parties and watch movies together. But suddenly, he tends to ignore your invitation every time you ask him out to attend a party or to go out for a movie date. If he is no longer interested on the things that you two do together, chances are, he finds someone else to whom he does these things with.

After reading these 6 obvious signs he is cheating on you, you might probably be very convinced by now that your man is really a cheater. But before you run amok and confront him about this, it is best that you find out what could be the reasons why he has decided to look for someone else to replace you in his life. Remember that cheating is only a symptom of larger issues in your relationship, such as lack of intimacy, boredom, and not having enough communication with each other.

Thus, the best way to handle this is finding that particular issue and make an attempt to fix it. It’s not going to be easy and it will take a lot to control your emotion while you’re searching for “wounds that not supposed to exist” within your seemingly perfect relationship.

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37 Responses to Signs He is Cheating – Six Noticeable Weird Behaviors of A Cheater

  1. minu says:

    now a days my boy friend is keeping some distance from me, when ever am calling he telling me that he is busy call me after some time like this,and now a days almost all days his phone is busy and when i asked him about that he told me that he is talking to his friend about some cash problems, like this always he is telling me excuses,some days when i am calling him he is talking to me normally,but he is not sharing to me anything like before , is he cheating me

  2. notacheater says:

    I have been with my spouse for 5years we have 2 children together and he is an amazing man and has so many wonderful qualities except the fact that he constantly accuses me of cheating there is even times that he work out of town and when he comes back and we are intimate afterwards he accuses me of cheating asks me where i went who I had sex with and then tells me it feels different then the last time and that he knows I did something why does he do this?

  3. Vonda dickens says:

    My boyfriend is an drunk and i told him that i needed space to think things through,but he acted strange when i called him and he didnt call me bk.could he be cheating?or is the alcoholism clouding his judgement?

    • tabitha hart says:

      my man is in an rehab where there is a lot of girls an he act weird on the phone, and doesn’t talk much so I think he is cheating an I have two twin boys with him idk what to do . help

      • Angie says:

        YES he is cheating and if not . he will soon..come on hes at a place with lots of girls..i think you should know how men can be especially if you leave them alone, they are like little boys in a candy shop..look out for you and your twin boys first 🙂

  4. Sarah says:

    Okay ive been dating this guy for almost 3 months. and the other day I took him out to lunch and while we were at lunch I noticed he got a text from a girl named Jessica. I didn’t say anything until later that night. when I asked who Jessica is? he like what? I was texting my mom. and I said but I seen a text say it was from Jessica and he’s like oh that’s my lesbian friend. and I said what she say. and he said she said take me to lunch. and I was like why did you lie about it? and he said he didn’t want to fight. and when I asked if the text was still there and if I could see it he said it was already deleted. what should I do?

    • Angie says:

      first can I say……hes a CHEATER..girl come on,, first you catch him in a lie of whos calling him, second he “says” he didn’t want to tell you because you two might end up fighting,, well that is a classic sign of CHEATING, tries to make you feel guilty for something. don’t be..he sounds like a liar , maniupulator and ofc a huge cheater..i highly doubt that girl is a lesbian ..sweethearthes playing you up your eyes and see the situation for what it is..sit down talk to him calmy and if gets defensive bout anything…then sugar he is cheating. so its up to you,,,leave the relationship while you still can or deal with it..good luck either way 🙂

  5. d says:

    is there anyone out there who has cheated on their spouse repeatedly and then one day just decided to stop and actually has? or is it true that once they cheat on you they will always?

    • Angie says:

      I never cheated but have been cheated on a bunch of you pick things up..if they been cheating for a long time then there is a good chance …that even if he really wants to stop..he cant or wont…a small 2% maybe that he or she will change..but most likely they cant stop..but there is always hope…deal with it together and see where that takes you and good luck 🙂

  6. Todd says:

    My ex GF now, thought from day one I could not be trusted because of her past. From day one she checked my phone and emails. So I white lied about a couple things along the way but things that were about my well being not our relationship. So anyway, she would look at my stuff when I said not to. Even in front of my kids she would. Yes… After my 4th white lie a long while back she said no more and I havnt. But she still looked for something. During disputes I would leave forma drive just to clear my head and only for 15 20 minutes. Anyway, insee where walking away on phone looks bad but for me I walked away for privacy because I would talk to my gram who did not like her. I never went out, inwas always there at the house and showed her prob too much love all the time. No gifts and such, just plain love. Well recently I was tired of her looking and when I left for 15 minutes and was accused of texting a female when my male boss would text me job stuff at 1030 at night I’m bed with her, would say to me tell her to stop texting you. Along the way in fibbed 4 times and not about us, but about my well being. Fnally I did a bad thing, I faked a fake post and responded to it and left it in my email, she found it. This is anwoman that kept looking for something. Since the 4th fib and she told me not to, I didn’t and that was a while ago. Anyway, she wants me to lie and admit to a lie now, and broke it off. My counselor says I let her look, and insaid no i told her not to, but she says i did because i stayed w her therefore I let her. Ugh. You talk about stuck, never even thought/did it but being accused and not being trusted is worse than doing it. there are some good guys out here but I feel some make it hard for the next. I was always home and she always knew where i was ig I went somewhere. I cooked cleaned and did laundry most days. Still this article seems to be biased, because that is not me but I did take my phone in other room to talk but to my gram because she did not like this woman. You tell me…. Do I lie to get her back? Just let her go? So confused. Never even thought of it but I do not like not being trusted.

  7. sally johnson says:

    I opened my husbands credit card bills and there were 4 random charges for exotic massages. he says his number must have been stolen and closed his account. I still have questions is it possible he is lying to me . we have been together for 22 years. don’t know what to do.

    • Angie says:

      sweetheart there is a BIG chance hes lying to you..i know you trust this man and take him at his word..even after 22yrs..but seriously I think hes cheating..and him closing it quick just proves faster that he deal with it there an issue not dealt with? but be caucious and seems you love him so talk it straight out.. hope all works out for you 🙂 best of luck

  8. heather ness says:

    I have been married to my spouse for 22 years and things started to ” drive the other direction ” because of boredom so this past week I actually let him stick it in my ass for the first time and it was great. and last night we swung with another couple. we came in each others face I got drilled soooo hard but two at a time my heart was in my throat moaning so damn load feeling it in both holes!!!!

  9. Too blind says:

    I remember when it started. She would speak of Mr. Smith, then after a while it was Bill Smith, then it became Bill. I still didn’t get it until I walked in on one of their trysts. Wow, was I ever surprised and hurt. Yes, women do cheat also.

  10. Melinda Roberts says:

    All men cheat. I don’t care what statistics say or what they try and say. It is genetically predisposed in their DNA to cheat on their spouse, partner, whoever, and if he starts accusing you of cheating, then that definitely means he is cheating and just trying to deflect his behavior onto you! The bottom line…is he really willing to stop, and/or you willing to put up with it?

    • BigBen says:

      I Don’t Think Men were only supposed to be with just one woman? theres alot of you out there that tempt us so badly, you women make us men weak! just saying.

      • siempre says:

        No girl makes you weak. Take responsibility for your own actions and desires and stop blaming them on women. Your kind of reasoning is a major reason why so many women at raped and sexually exploited.Its upsetting your parents taught you such nonsense.

    • Angalina Parr says:

      I have caught my fiancé on several local live sex chat sites.I have seen his profiles and profile pics he uploaded. The porn he watches is live from these sites. he has access to their private blogs and emails. I have seen his search history and favorites and feeds. I confronted him and he says his computer did it and I’m crazy. please help

  11. been there also says:

    My husband accused me of cheating also….He was very jelous….I found out that he has been on chat rooms and having an affair with a women….He of course denied the affair. I called the women and she was upset that he would do this to her. She however stayed in the relationship. A cheater will think that their spouce is doing what they are doing. We are now devorced!!!

  12. kindness says:

    I am a victim. Been married almost 20 years he spends every night on facebook and is always talking about his old friends and rx friends. I have proof that he has cheated twice. we have kids and I am just waiting on God at this point. I love him but it is insane

  13. SchonnX says:

    I’ve been married for 13 yrs & we BOTH can be moody,wanting privacy,etc,etc…and we respect each others privacy/prive lives…we have many friends of same/opposite sex with whom we go out with….and a few alt. lifers too…we get along fine.
    we both look/flirt/mingle /socialize & at times talk of the proverbial “WHAT IF & WHO…”…..does that make she/me/us cheaters…? NO…! THESE ARTICLES ARE WRONG-FAKE….THE WRITERS KNOW NOTHING,THE POLLS ARE FAKED TOO… LOOK IN YOUR OWN HEARTS/SOULS FOR THE ANSWERS.

  14. Healthy Body says:

    It is all about trust. He may be feeling somewhat insecure due to the recent change in your routine. Try to reassure him that everything is okay. If this fails then you may need to ask him exactly what is his deep-seated issues where your being out is concerned. It may be more than meets the eye and it is worth it to save yor marriage.

  15. Moma says:

    The most obvious sign is when you confront him about it and he gets in a rage and calls you crazy, mentle.

    • Mine Does That says:

      Except if you “confront”(read: accuse) him over and over again and each time he has a perfectly reasonable explanation for whatever you think indicated that he was a cheater. Then he’s going to call you mental because you don’t listen and don’t believe the truth before your own eyes that he wasn’t cheating. In which case you are mental. But that’s ok, men can love mental women too. We just need to find a better way to deal with it than rage.

      My wife has accused me of cheating on her our entire relationship. Never once have I cheater on her. She still gets suspicious though. And yes, when she “confronts” (again read: accuses) me, I get upset because it’s hard to deal with the fact that your partner whom you trust and love, so clearly doesn’t trust you.

  16. Lanky says:

    I maybe a victim…

  17. BeenThere says:

    Also, a cheater is more likley to suspect their spouse is cheating because they themselves have done it. My spouse of 13 years recently confessed his indiscretions and it made sense after a year and half of his accusing me of cheating why. talk to your spouse they may be hiding something themselves.

  18. Richard says:

    Hi Saira,

    It seems you spend most of your time out of the house, so you probably spend less time with your husband every day. That little time is the time he can “judge” you, literally speaking.

    During this time, you might be “accidentally” convey some “cheater signs”. ie:
    – decline his approach in bed
    – refuse cuddling
    – won’t share your problems/feeling since you probably has share it to someone else at work/school

    I suggest you read emotional affair signs and do an honest self-examination based on it

  19. me and my husband have been together for 17yrs, we moved to nc from ny 10yrs ago. And ever since we moved to nc I’ve been seeing little changes here and there, this week 14th of feb was our 11th anniversary of marriage, yes he took me out last night to dinner, but prior to that I found out that he has been following me aroud. And last night he said to me that he was jelous and that he thought I was cheating on him. I don’t even have the time to wipe my but cause I’m eather in school or at work every night I come home at 9:30pm. please tell me what is wrong with this picture, why after so many years he all of a sudden don’t trust me, thinks I’m cheating. I don’t know how to deal with this situation, if you have some suggestion as of what can I do or how to solve this problem pease tell me!!!!!! I really need help.

    thank you

    • Dana Gutierrez says:

      He is suspicious of you because of the cheating that HE is ALREADY doing behind your back…”If I’m cheating, then maybe she’s cheating too.”… Simple as that!

      • YourWrongforreal. :D says:

        kayy.. so youu should stfu. youu have no idea wtf you’re talking about. thanks.

      • honesty says:

        No Dana he might not be cheating. Just BC a partner questions your fidelity it doesn’t mean they’re already cheating. They probably are feeling the neglect that you are unintentionally sending. When you spend that much time away from your partner they start to feel that you must be getting that intimacy/ closeness from someone else. Also you may accidentally be being suspicious and not even know it. You might want to start listening to your partner BC before they start accusing you, they will start acting needy first. Asking a lot of questions, requesting more time together in odd ways and it might even come across as demanding. But this is the perfect opportunity to communicate openly with your partner.
        If you miss out on this chance you’ll see the questions turn to accusations and they will convince themselves that you are cheating.

        Of course if you have shown any real evidence of cheating it potential cheating previously in the relationship, and didn’t get help, this will have a major impact on their trust.

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