She Dumped Me – How to Recover from the Pain and Win Your Girlfriend Back

Those who have experienced falling in love and get dumped knew how hard it is to recover from such pain. Perhaps, there’s no other feeling in this world that can be compared with the pain of being left by the person to whom you have offered almost all your life with. So if you are like some guys out there who were left heartbroken by your girl, and made you utter the words, “she dumped me”, here are the best advices that could help you to recover from the pain and bring your girl back into your life.

As soon as your girl leaves you, expect that on this period of time, you he will have to go through all forms of emotion – anger, confusion, frustration and a deep feeling of sadness. Getting through all this is never easy, for you need a good amount of strength to face all these challenges in your life. So the first thing that you must do is to look for a support group, or a friend that could listen to you, and ask your friend this question – “How come she dumped me?” Your friend might be able to shed some light on why your ex decided to leave you.

Recovering from the Breakup

They say that the best way to recover from a breakup is by sharing your feelings towards other people. This is definitely true; therefore, look for someone to whom you could share your feelings and sentiments. The thought that there’s someone out there for you who will understand what you are going through, even if your girlfriend has left, is just so liberating, and this could help a lot in your recovery.

Look for some fun activities that you and your group of friends can do together. If you are someone who loves sports and other outdoor activities, then ask your friends to play with you, or indulge yourselves on some fun outdoor activities. This way, you could somehow forget the pain from the breakup and realize that there’s a lot more to life than being with your girlfriend.

Gaining Back Your Self Confidence

When some guys say, “she dumped me”, usually, they will feel bad about themselves for they feel that they were not a good boyfriend, after all. But if you really want to win back your girl, you better build your self confidence back. Do not think about negative thoughts, because this will just affect your treatment with other people, and worse, this might affect your career or your studies.

It is definitely okay to mourn your loss, but after several days of grief, make sure that you do your best to bring your life back to the right track.  Show the world that you are still the same person, despite of the breakup, and make your girlfriend realize that you are now getting better, despite of all the pain that she has given you. Your girlfriend might even appreciate the fact that you have handled the breakup in a positive way, and this might be the reason for her to fall in love with you again.

Assessing the Situation

After asking yourself this question “What could be the reason why she dumped me?” you might probably realize what your mistakes are and the reasons why your girl dumped you. Once you have found out the reasons that triggered your girlfriend’s decision of leaving you, then it’s time that you think of ways on how you could change yourself and talk things out with your girl. If there is a need for you to sacrifice some things in your life, then you better think real hard if the relationship is worth the sacrifice that you are going to make.

Aside from understanding the cause of your breakup with your ex, you have to also consider the things that you need to change if in case you will be back in each other’s arms once again. Are you willing to apologize for any mistakes that you have done, and are you willing to change yourself to avoid committing these mistakes again? Before you decide to talk to your ex and ask her about giving you a second chance, make sure that you have fully decided for yourself that you are willing to give your relationship another try.

Winning Your Girlfriend Back

The first thing that you must do in order to win your girlfriend back is to prepare yourself for what’s going to happen the moment you saw each other. Of course, you need to look and feel good for your meet-up and make your ex feel that you have finally recovered from the pain. You need to also make sure that you already have in mind all the things that you need to say to her, so if you finally meet with her, you will not be flabbergasted or shocked.

Formulate the right words to say to your ex, and these must be words that would make your ex to decide to give your relationship another chance. You must be very careful in choosing the right words that will not in any way, hurt your ex, and your conversation must begin with you asking for forgiveness. It is also a good idea that you try to crack some jokes to ease up the tension in the midst of your conversation.

It is human nature for people to want the things that will be taken away from them, and that is why, it is normal for you to long for your girlfriend to be back into your life. But there should be a deeper and essential reason why you want your ex back into your life, and not just because you don’t want people hearing you say these words “She dumped me”. The most important reason for having your girlfriend back into your life should be because you love her, and you are willing to change for the better, no matter how much this decision could cost you.

Remember, don’t let being dumped ruin your life. 


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One Response to She Dumped Me – How to Recover from the Pain and Win Your Girlfriend Back

  1. Michael Martinez says:

    If a woman dumps a man because of another guy its all about waiting. The person who got dumped needs to accept the fact of what happened. There is a 50% chance she wont come back. There are two reasons she might come back. #1 He don’t make her feel like you did. #2 He dump her or was using her. If this don’t happen she wont come back.

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