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If you’re just a regular person like me and just having an unpleasant breakup, your first reaction is probably the same as mine was: acting based on emotion and instinct; begging your ex to forgive you. Of course, these actions will only put us in a worse situation than it already is.

However, what if you have someone with strong psychological knowledge about human emotion to help you in this problem? You’ll make totally different approach and will get surprising result.

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Second Chance Romance Review – Pros and Cons

You’ll discover a little known powerful technique to win your ex back. In addition, you’ll also learn how to maintain a strong relationship afterwards.

NLP (the technique that you’ll learn) is a really powerful tool and you might somehow “tempted” to use it for other purpose.

Second Chance Romance Review – the Approach
I have a moral responsibility to remind you first: Second Chance Romance by Jason Hicks is utilizing an “underground” psychological trick to (somehow) influence your ex into getting back with you. It’s a skill that can be misused in the wrong hand, so PLEASE use it RESPONSIBLY.

Have you ever heard about Neurolinguistic Programing (also known as NLP)? Well, if you haven’t, don’t worry about it. It’s pretty common knowledge in self improvement community, but definitely not one of our everyday’s terms.

Basically, NLP is used to “bypass” the conscious mind and speak directly to unconscious mind. It works similar to hypnosis and usually is utilized to help people overcome phobias, fears, and other similar problems.  You’ll be using this very technique to make your ex realize that he/she still have feelings for you and the relationship deserves a second chance.

It’s not just theories, you’ll get step by step system to rekindling your ex partner’s romantic interest in you. For example, you’ll know how to apologize in the right way; it might seem trivial, but most people do it wrong and end up in a pretty messed up situation.

When you finally get your ex back (which you WILL), Jason still have things to teach you: build stronger relationship with your ex. This is extremely important so there are no more problems in the future that can separate you once again. The key here is three important factors that will keep a relationship strong. I got to admit that I expected common traits like honesty, love, and such; but apparently, Jason has different opinion in this and I was pretty blown away by his thoughts.

Second Chance Romance review – Conclusion
Most people are having hard time to get their ex back because they do the “conservative” ways (begging for forgiveness, send him/her presents, and such). However, Second Chance Romance can give you easier solution, both for you and for your ex as he/she will have no doubt to give the relationship another shot. Additionally, I really like how Jason doesn’t just leave you there, but also give you tricks on how to preserve the new relationship for good.

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