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There are times in life when your every effort to keep your marriage seems futile and you’re one step away from the divorce paper. I know that feeling; I’ve been there – it wasn’t a pleasant experience and I wish no one will ever need to go through that.

It was then that I stumbled upon Amy Waterman’s Save My Marriage Today. I’m not saying that going through the course instantly fix the problem. In fact, I can state proudly that my resolve to put every effort into it is the one that yield the most impact. Of course, it’s not just random effort; I learned a lot from the course things that need to be changed in order to save my marriage.

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Save My Marriage Today review – Pros and Cons


1. Amy’s course cover a lot of common causes and issues for marital problems: no more passion, cheating, financial problem, etc and how to deal with it.

2. You don’t have to drag your partner to work on it with you – it can be done even if you’re the only one who put effort into it.

3. Every couple has their own unique problem that might not covered in the course, that’s why you’ll get free e-mail consultation so Amy and her team can help you to deal with your specific troubles.


A bit lengthy and repetitive toward the end of the course.

Save My Marriage Today review – the Course

From the content, I could tell that every couple can use the information in the course. You don’t have to be married for 30 years before problems start to emerge, do you? Amy’s advices can help anyone who wishes to preserve their marriage: young or old, men or women, been married for 3 months or 40 years – it doesn’t matter!

The sole purpose of the course is keeping the marriage by solving marital conflict and create a stronger bond between you and your partner. You can’t expect a status quo in a marriage, it will either “growing apart” or “growing together”.

Save My Marriage Today review – Is this Course can Solve Your Problem?

If your partner still considering his or her options, you definitely can use the information in the course, but you need to ACT FAST! With every second you wasted, your marriage can turn from bad to worse even before you realize it. Remember that when your partner has made up his/her mind, there’s little that you can do.

On the other hand, if you already sign the divorce paper, then this course might not be able to help you. I suggest you check out TW Jackson site to seek the best help to win your partner back.

Here are a couple of situations where you can use Amy’s help:

1. You have a feeling that the divorce is coming. The spark is gone, your partner is rarely talk to you, every time both of you trying to discuss something, you both end up arguing, and both of you take care of their own problem by themselves.

2. You’re still married, but it gets even more and more monotonous.  No passion, no excitement, no sense of adventures; just repeating the daily “program” over and over again. This can lead to a disaster and you know it. Amy’s course can help you to improve the quality of your marriage relationship and provide you with knowledge of mistakes that most people do that destroy their own marriage so you can avoid the same blunders.

3. The love is fading. Your partner doesn’t have “a thing” for you anymore and desperately want to win his or her heart back.

4. Years of marriage don’t guarantee good communication. If you have difficulties to express your feeling and opinion to your partner, then Amy’s course definitely can help you.

Save My Marriage Today review – How It Will Help You

The course is divided in 20 chapters with 38 exercises following each chapter. Each of it is designed to help you save your marriage and strengthen the bond between you and your partner. The entire course can be done in six days period and you can repeat it again if think that you need more improvement.

Below are several of the lessons:

1. How to reintroduce passion and love in four steps.

2. Self assessment

3. Tips to rescue your marriage.

4. How to repair your marriage after one of you have an affair.

5. Gestures that proven to be more effective than words.

6. Secrets for more successful marriage.

7. Mistakes in marriage and how to avoid it.

8. How to stop cheating partner.

9. How to deal with children when you have marital conflict.

10. Dealing with financial problem.

11. Dealing with your partner attitude.

12. And many more…

The course alone is great, but Amy won’t leave you just with that. She realizes that each couple has their own unique problem, so you’ll get free e-mail consultation with her and her team. Feel free to consult the deepest trouble of your marriage and I’m sure they can come with great solution.

Save My Marriage Today review – Conclusion

Amy really knows what she talked about and her course has really helped me get my marriage back on track.  The e-mail consultation also a great addition and I’m sure you’ll find it vey useful. If you’re in one of the four situations above, I suggest you act fast and fix the problem now before it’s too late.

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