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Going through a breakup wasn’t a pleasant experience. After several failed attempts to convince my ex that she’s my “whole life”, I was ready to give up when my friend put me onto TW Jackson’s Magic of Making Up. And it did changed everything for me.

Have gone through it myself, I’m pretty much understand why people who really want to get their ex back always screw up and put themselves in much more complicated situation. I’ve done the same things myself: act out of emotion and instinct. However, I finally can fix it and it’s all thanks to T-Dub (it’s how TW Jackson is preferred to be called).

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Magic of Making Up Pros and Cons

I’d say this book is pretty much the best book on this topic and I’m not exagerating. You’ll discover how to “dig” inside the problem that caused the breakup and actually SOLVE it. In addition, you’ll also learn how to RE-ATTRACT your ex, then maintain a steady long lasting relationship.

1. Like all other book where the author put his full efforts to give the best for his reader, you might find it to be  a quite long reading. Nevertheless, you’ll find it filled with all the answer that you’ll ever need.

2. If you’re looking for a “quick fix” (like somehow “tricking” your ex to get attracted with you once again without any effort on your end to change into a better person), then this book is not for you.

Magic of Making Up Review

So I finally reviewed Magic of Making Up and you can find the facts in this article. Basically, the book is divided in 4 big parts: self-analysis, self-improvement, the action, and maintenance period.

Now, you might notice that the first two parts begin with “self” and maybe wonder “why should I even bother with myself now? I should do something about my ex or they will get drifted further from me!”.  Well, that’s where you went WRONG! Your first priority should be SOLVING the problem that causes the breakup (you might even have no clue on what it really is).

You might even have asked forgiveness for mistakes that you don’t even know or remember just to make your ex back to your side. This will make him/her despise you EVEN MORE. And by doing that, you’ve put yourself in an even more complicated situation!

If you think that you’ve screwed up your chance, don’t worry! Check this video where T-Dub shares his secret method to allow you to be forgiven for your rash acts.

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Here’s how the Magic of Making Up will teach you to do the right thing:

1. Self Analysis

In the first part, you’ll be taught to step back for a while and think calmly about yourself, your ex, your relationship, and the breakup. When you’re able to think calmly, you’ll see if the relationship is worth to fight for and if your ex is worth to fight for.

In this part, you’ll also learn to set the right attitude and keep your head cool all the time. Lowering yourself by being needy and desperate will only make your ex think that leaving you is the right decision.

2. Self Improvement

You might have changed throughout the time you’ve been with your lover and you might have lost your attractiveness. No, it’s not just about how you dress yourself (although it does have some effects), but more basic: attitude, behavior, personality, how you treat your lover, and so on.

In this part, you’ll learn how to regain those qualities back. The point is changing yourself into someone that your ex was in love with. It’s not an easy process and you might have to step out from your comfort zone; that’s why you have to be sure that the relationship is worth to fight for.

3. The Action

The third part is the most important part in the book and it’s where you’ll start to take action. It include step by step blueprint from the first thing you must do to what you should do once you manage to get a date. Here are some methods that you’ll get:

  • Reignite the spark and passion of your relationship.
  • Using other people to help you get back with your ex.
  • Maintaining the fun and love without bringing up old wounds and arguments.
  • Regain your ex trust
  • The first date
  • An insight about sex and how to use it to your advantage

4. Maintenance period

All your effort will be in vain if you let the relationship turning sour again. In this part, you’ll be taught how to maintain healthy relationship and prevent history from repeating itself.


1. Understanding Why Your Relationship Ended (And Why It’s Not Over Just Yet)

2. Don’t Panic – Your Key to Winning Back Their Love (Getting Your Head On Straight)

3. Removing the Splinter in Your Relationship (Where Do You Stand?)

4. Re-Igniting the Spark of Passion and Desire (The Plan)

5. Dates and Lovers – How Other People Can Actually Bring You Back Together With Your Ex

6. Easing Back Into Your Relationship to Solidify Your Love

7. Maintaining the Fun and Love Without Dredging Up Old Wounds and Arguments

8. When Your Relationship Can’t Be Saved – Moving On With Grace

Magic of Making Up Review – Conclusion

And that’s my review of Magic of Making Up. You see, it’s not merely about charging to your ex with 101 tricks to make him/her wants you back. It’s more about solving the problem, re-evaluate your relationship, and make stronger bond between the two of you once you get back together again.

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