Post Break Up Advices

Life after a break up, especially if you’re the one being dumped, is never easy. But there is a lot more to your life than the ended relationship. Find out how to overcome the depression and start your life once again here.

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One Response to Post Break Up Advices

  1. Geoffrey Dixon says:

    To whom it may concern:
    I recently got married last year, to lady friend who was married. We lived on the say street. I’ve known her and her husband,for about six years; before I got deployed. At the time she was married to a Vietnam Veteran. I was introduce to her by her husband at their home,she never spoke much. I never, tried to do nothing by breaking up her marriage, I personally don’t like fooling around crap. Not only, that they had two kids.
    I blamed myself for this confused marriage, because being gone away from the area for over seven years. I should of waited to know more about her.Last year, right around May; her two boys was on summer break from school.Those boys gave me the worst time of my entire life, they called me derogotive names and tried to hurt me.
    Their mom took sides with them and even brought her ex-husband and two tug boys to rob me, and hurt me while I was a sleep. I went to the VA hospital ten times last year. I am a Disabled American Veteran, with severe injuries including TBI and PTSD.
    My wife as struck me on my head on several occasions, that I have loss consiousness. Her ex and her father used to abused her. My father used to do the same thing, I am not the person to do what my father did, I have respect for humanity. I have showed sincere affection, only to belittle me.
    I have tried to help understand, I am not like those people who have hurt you. No two people are alike. I am very educated person, since my military duties I have sustained major problems. I never tried to depend on other people, so they can feel sorry for me; and then belittled me about it, later
    All of last year we were married and this year so far, she goes to this friend who his a man and stays at his
    house, clean, cook, wash his dirty luandry. I should not be jealous over it. I have spoken to her until I am blue in the face. She replied, by saying he gives $40 to $60. At the same time, at the month I give her $900 to $1400.00. I can’t give in anymore to her compulsive behavior, bullying, major controlling, threating ways.
    I know I need to get away from this woman, before she harms me. I have tried, to understand her by listening; but it doesn’t help. It just get worst everyday.
    Am I the bad husband. Please, I need guideness before moving on to the Big D.


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