Dr. Frank Gunzburg’s Marriage Sherpa – How to Survive An Affair Review

Relationship Guidance reviewed: How to Survive an Affair – Marriage Sherpa

Even though it was never our intentions to hurt our spouse, there will really come a time in our lives where we can’t help but be tempted with other people and ending up having an affair with them. We are only humans, so it is definitely normal to commit mistake – what’s important is that we should learn how to forgive and we must learn from our mistakes. So whether you are the cheating spouse or the one that is being cheated, read this How to Survive and Affair review now to know how you could save your marriage after it was shattered with an affair.

Dr. Gunzburg’s Marriage Sherpa System is a top notch guide for married couples who are faced with difficult situations in their relationships, especially in these modern times. One of the programs offered by Dr. Gunzburg is the “How to Survive an Affair”, where it would help troubled couples to restore their marriage after it got broken due to an affair with other people. Dr. Gunzburg, a marriage counselor that has been doing professional counseling to married couples for more than 30 years now, have seen so many couples suffer from the pain of a broken marriage due to illicit affairs.

Under the Survive an Affair System of the Marriage Sherpa, Dr. Gunzburg will teach you how you can restore your shattered relationship and make it even better than before. On this system, he believes that the key to rebuilding your relationship is by doing all or any of these ten actions:

Talk – Communication is an important part of healing and forgiveness, so the first thing that you must do is to have the courage to open-up with your spouse no matter how difficult it may be.
Ask for forgiveness – When you decide to talk to your spouse even after all that has happened, make sure that you are also willing to ask for forgiveness, especially if you are the one who had an affair with another person.
Read self-help books – Self help books are there to assist anyone who is dealing with the pain of a broken relationship, so grab some of these in order to guide you through the healing process.
Pray – Prayer helps us to deal with problems in life no matter how big these problems are, so take time to pray even if you are in the midst of hurting.
Send letters, cards, and flowers – Despite of all the pains and sorrows that your spouse gave you, it is still a good idea to make him/her feel important by showering your spouse with flowers, love letters, cards, etc.
Be more attentive – In order for your partner not to seek for someone else’s attention, make sure that you are always sensitive to all her needs.
Go to counseling – It is not easy to go through all this pain alone. You need someone who could guide you through this entire ordeal, so look for a professional marriage counselor to help you and your partner.
Set boundaries – After you have discussed the problems with your spouse, make sure that you also open up the idea of setting boundaries within your relationship to avoid this same problem to happen in the future.
Discuss the details and answering all questions – Again, communication is the key to rebuilding your shattered relationship, so be open to discuss and answer all questions that your spouse will open up to you.
Meet each other’s needs – Addressing each other’s needs is of utmost important in every relationship. If you cannot attend to your spouse’s needs, then he/she will look for someone else that could address these needs.

How to Survive an Affair Review – what people said

This is from R.ecommended.com, an eBook review site that makes use of refund rates and other factors to give every product an accurate rating:
“I’ve worked out that Marriage Sherpa has an approximately refund rate of 0.39%*, which is extremely low and lets us know that nearly all customers were pleased about the product…Taking everything into account, we have given Marriage Sherpa an over-all score of 4.48. We trust this product 100 percent – you should add it directly to the top of your buying shortlist.”

Here’s a review posted on their website, coming from Kathie Brown, a self-confessed advocate of the Marriage Sherpa Program:
“I felt so devastated, enraged and humiliated. I never dreamed I could save my marriage, let alone trust him again…”

You will find more of these reviews from happy customers online. Reading these reviews is one way to evaluate whether the How to Survive an Affair System is worth investing for or not.


No matter how effective the advices in the book are, it still just advices. In the end, it’s up to you to carry out the advices and get the result you want. Never think that simply buying a well-known book from an expert author will solve your problem instantly; you need strong resolution and determination to do what the book told you. Some of the advices will probably force you out from your comfort zone, but believe me, IT IS for the best.


Overall, Marriage Sherpa Survive an Affair System is definitely a top-notch guide for helping couples to survive a broken marriage.  This self help program is not like other self help products out there that are full of gibberish advices and nonsense tips.  What it will give you instead are expert advices coming from a marriage counselor who has 30 years of experience in this field.  Dr. Gunzburg’s Marriage Sherpa is definitely the best way to work out the problems you have within your marriage life, and is the best way for you and your spouse to start a fresh and new married life together.

So if you just found out that your spouse is cheating on you, and you are at loss as to what you need to do next… you better get yourself a copy of the Marriage Sherpa Survive an Affair System. Trust me, this is a huge plus in helping you to mend things out with your spouse and improve your marriage life. This “How to Survive an Affair Review” is enough proof that such program is truly effective.

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