Marriage in Crisis – Six Activities to Keep Your Union Intact

The contract you signed on the day you exchanged vows entails a lifetime commitment. When you promise the other death is the only thing that can set you apart, you give yourself as your ultimate manifestation of love. But on the wedding day, everything is easier said than done. As years pass by, when you go through the fear of the real roller-coaster ride, you sometimes forget that a marriage in crisis can still be resolved.

If you’re in that situation, why don’t you try the following activities to divert yourself from the option of divorce?

Discuss the bliss and fuss.

Have a heart-to-heart talk about your marriage. If you can, list all the good points you, your partner and your relationship possess and always make room for appreciation. Keep it and write more if you have discoveries along the way. Discuss also your points for improvement. However, you don’t need to write them as they are meant to slip your mind. What is not visible will be easily forgotten.

Enliven the kitchen.

Cooking loses its main purpose when the food isn’t shared with the people around you. Moreover, even the tastiest recipe of Martha Stewart gets bland when you’re eating it with a foe. Given these facts, working together at the kitchen is a wonderful opportunity to have a great time with each other. It will ignite lighthearted conversations that will ease up the mood. You will be obliged to practice teamwork as well. After all, your stomachs are at stake.

Catch a glimpse of your wedding photos.

Take out your wedding album and leaf through your happy moments together. How ravishing did she look that day? How did he take the garter off your leg? How many times did your guests clink their glasses so they could witness the prelude to your honeymoon? Your wedding photos have captured how happy you were and how happy you can still be with one another. Are you willing to let go of that memory and possibility?

Make yourself available for the other.

A marriage in crisis can also be overcome by sacrifice. Giving up your football playoff game tickets for window shopping or canceling a belly dancing session at the gym for an eat-all-you-can meal may mean willingness to go an extra mile. These moves will leave an impact to your partner. Just being together to have quality time is a sign of loyalty. It begets satisfaction in your married life.

Strengthen your bond in bed.

Inside the bedroom, you can be who you really are. In that sense, it’s a perfect place to intensify your love for each other. Go to bed together. Snuggle up under the covers, have a pillow fight or a pillow talk as often as you can and listen to your favorite love ballads. Explore and satisfy the sensual needs of your spouse. Get excited. You are on your own.

Communicate the love.

Referring to Charles Noble’s famous quote, “First we make our habits, then our habits make us,” saying “I love you” every day is not being abusive to the magic words at all. In fact, it shapes the way you treat your spouse. Don’t reserve your affectionate words on special occasions only. You are supposed to express your love for your spouse all the time.

Your story doesn’t need to have a sad ending to make it sound realistic. As long as both parties cooperate to save the marriage in crisis, it will certainly not end in a miserable state. Instead of focusing on the negative aspect, engage yourselves in activities that will keep the love alive. Definitely, every couple has the right to live happily every after.

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One Response to Marriage in Crisis – Six Activities to Keep Your Union Intact

  1. Patricia Nash says:

    I hope my husband will participate in this with me, it is my greatest hope that he values our marriage as profoundly deep as I do.

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