Is My Husband Having an Affair? – Five Symptomps of A Cheating Husband

Women are blessed with good intuition. This has helped them make decisions faster and wiser, avoid dangerous people and situations and feel the reason behind a specific change of behavior. However, when it comes to detecting infidelity, it may not be enough. It must go with objectivity to accurately answer the question, “Is my husband having an affair?”

If you’re a doubting wife, here are five possible indicators that your husband is into an extramarital affair.

He doesn’t care to share.

If you ask him why his mysterious text message made him smile and he just answers, “Nothing,” it may signify an illicit secret. If he logs out of his email account when you come near him, deletes the browser history before shutting down the computer or answers calls away from you, you must subtly figure out what he’s up to. A guiltless husband can do anything with his wife around and won’t bother sharing things about his whereabouts.

He gets pissed off with anything you say or do.

If he thinks you’re noisier than usual, when in fact you haven’t changed a bit, he may be attempting to emphasize your weaknesses so he won’t be in the spotlight. When speaks to you harshly or sarcastically, he may be trying to start a fight so he can walk out of your house and spend his afternoon with the other woman.

He avoids your cuddles.

His behavior in bed can confirm your is-my-husband-having-an-affair issue. When he’s consistently reluctant to kiss you, too tired for your tickling moments, doesn’t respond to you physical needs, he might be getting satisfaction from another woman.

He makes lame excuses for his late activities.

Does he often overwork to manage his new work assignments? Does he prefer to spend more time with friends than relaxing at home? Is the number of his out-of-town trips increasing? If he has forgotten your need as a couple to bond once in a while, something fishy might be going on. The good thing is you can always validate his reasons, or lies, by checking his pay slips, calling him on his phone, asking him about his appointments or smelling his shirts.

He gets angry when confronted.

Try to share a story you’ve read or a movie you’ve seen about infidelity and see how he would react. Throw what-if scenarios and listen to where his answers are leading. If you think he’s ready for an honest talk, muster your courage and open up your feelings in a nice way. If he abruptly loses his temper or is too defensive, he may be in a state of denial. Clean-handed men usually give short and calm answers.

A behavior can be interpreted in many ways. It’s always relative to the feelings, assumptions and conditions of the person. Neither too much skepticism nor too much trust can help you deal with your is-my-husband-having-an-affair concern.  The ones stated above may not true to all cases. You need to confirm it and get the issue fixed; it might be hard, but better than live in ignorance and anxiety. Yet you can’t bring out the topic if he keeps avoiding and denying it, can you? In the end, you’ll need hard evidences to confront him about his behavior.

What I suggest you to do is taking a few seconds to check his cellphones and see what numbers he’s been calling or call him frequently. That is probably his mistress (if there is any). Then, put the number on this phone reverse site to find out everything about the other person, including name, address, public records, etc. If he’s lying about the other person existence, then you can confront him to get the actual truth.

Is He Really Having an Affair? Why?
Before finding out the “why”, you have to be sure of the truth first. Take a few seconds to find out who he’s been calling or call him frequently and check the number here for every info you need on the other person. If he’s been lying to you about her, then you can confirm your suspicion. 

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  1. Naheed Flake says:

    I am old and bleach my face. My spouse cheats.

  2. patricia raine agramon says:

    now i know the reason ang the signs why my husbad do all painful things for me, i relly apriaciated thanks and more power.

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