How to Win a Girl Back – Seven Reflective Questions to Consider

You stumbled on this site in your quest to know the sure-fire strategies on how to win a girl back. It’s not easy to concentrate on your job, studies or project when you’re burdened or distracted by your desire to patch things up with an ex. The feeling doesn’t put you at ease. There’s a certain emotional chaos within you that longs for peace.

Instead of enumerating great tips, here are questions to guide you in the process you’re about to go though. If you answer them truthfully, you will eventually get what you want.

Why did you call it off?

You can never leap forward without taking your past into consideration. Assess yourself as her ex and reflect on how she treated you as well. What stupid things have you done to frustrate her? Do you think you can rebuild your relationship with your strengths as a couple and with your happy memories as the foundation? Your personal realizations will coach you if it’s worth giving it another try.

Why do you want her back?

Sift your intentions on why you want her in your life again. If there are coarse particles left on the strainer, think a million times before making any move. It would be unmanly to woo her for the second time because you miss her scent on your bed or you need someone to show off to your friends. Every woman deserves to be truly loved. You must need her because you love her, not the other way around.

How much do you appreciate the nature of women?

A guy who doesn’t know how to win a girl back simply means he hasn’t mastered the nature of women. Apparently, males and females are different in countless ways. Men take pride in being rational while women are inclined to be emotional. While men are the straightforward type, women beat around the bush. If silence for you is golden, she thinks expressing her emotions is a must. Until you acknowledge both of you belong to different species, you’ll never appreciate her ways.

How much do you know your girl?

Women have different preferences. For some, little sweet things mean a lot. They are thrilled to get love notes, stems of wild flowers, unexpected calls, pressed petals and simple surprises from their boyfriend. However, some aren’t that hopeless romantic. They don’t mind if you forget their birthday or other important dates in her life. If you’re aware of her likes, wishes and perspectives, you’ll have an idea on how to impress her.

Can you keep the communication line open without being too needy?

If you want her back, burning all the bridges of communication is a terrible idea. If you do so, there’s no way of subtly or directly telling her how much you still care. However, don’t commit the mistake of most desperate men: falling down on their knees and begging their ex to give them a second chance. Insistence or sympathy-seeking moves turns a woman off. If you can initiate a conversation or send an email without i-beg-you-to-come-back-to-me messages, you’re familiar with one of the tips on how to win a girl back.

Can you give her the security she needs?

It’s not mainly the financial aspect that she’s after for. She needs to feel secured about your loyalty to the relationship. If you keep flirting with other women, how can you expect her to trust you?  If you often prioritize your friends over her major concerns, how will you assure her she can turn to you when she’s at the bottom? If you don’t include her in your plans, how will she imagine the future with you? Every woman longs for a partnership free from fear and anxiety.

Will you respect her no matter what her decision will be?

Despite your enormous effort, it is very possible that she’ll prefer to be in a relationship with someone else. Are you ready to endure the pang of rejection if this is the reality in store for you? Can you calm yourself down if you see her walking hand in hand with a more handsome guy? Will you be courageous enough to accept defeat and go on with your life? If you promise to accept whatever your fate is, you’re prepared to make further moves.

There are great tactics on how to win a girl back but answering these questions should come first before anything else. Doing things out of impulses guarantee no success and more often, lead you to awkward situations. You have to process what you feel and how capable you are to reach out both for yourself and for the woman you love.

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