How to Tell if Your Wife is Cheating – Five Symptomps of A Cheating Woman

Paranoia is a harmful state of mind, but having slight paranoia is useful in some situations. If you are being suspicious of your wife, entertain it logically and know how to separate normal behavior from doubtful actions. Do you want to know how to tell if your wife is cheating? Then know these signs by heart and observe your wife carefully.

She Wants to be Alone More Often

Remember when you did activities together like watching movies and having Friday night dates? Do you watch TV alone more often while she is in another room doing other things? Does she go out alone spending time with “friends” you don’t know about? Then you might want to know more about your wife’s ‘secret’ activities; she may be having an affair.

Here’s How to Know For Certain If She’s Cheating On You

Change of Grooming Habits

She went to the beauty parlor last week, and today she went back again. You notice her hair and nails are done, she looks nicer and dresses up all the time. She has a new perfume, new clothes and shoes; she always looks pretty whenever she goes outside. She stays longer in the shower and takes care of herself regularly; the thing is that she was not like this before.

A change of grooming habits is another sign and if you must know how to tell if your wife is cheating, be prepared for the fact that she might be preparing for another man.

Having Different or Longer Work Hours

You notice your spouse comes home late and her work schedule changes from time to time. This is a good excuse because some work hours do get longer depending on certain situations. But if this goes for a little while and she doesn’t get a promotion, a change of salary, or different responsibilities, then this is a sign that your wife might be cheating on you.

Lack of Physical Contact and Intimacy

Women like physical intimacy like hugging and kissing. Sure it may gradually decrease through time but a woman almost always appreciates snuggling from time to time. So be wary if she doesn’t do it anymore. Or sometimes you hug her and something is out of place. You feel that it’s not what it used to be and there is awkwardness.

If you want to know how to tell if your wife is cheating, be very sensitive of changes that surround your marriage.

Suspicious and Unusual Actions

There are a lot of these unexplainable actions like the increase of time spent on the phone or on the computer. Money spending habits that didn’t occur before like increase in the credit card bill or missing money from your savings. And when you ask about these things she gives a weak and incomplete defense.

If you need to learn how to tell if your wife is cheating then take note of all conspicuous actions without acting hastily.

The Next Step

The best thing to do after noticing these signs is to be calm and avoid strong feelings as much as possible, as we know, these are only suspicions. Ask her friends or her closest family members if there are problems that she may not be telling you, or if you want, you can talk to her in a polite manner. Tell her that you notice some changes about her and ask her the reasons, don’t accuse abruptly and be open-minded.

Remember: usually, cheating is only a symptom of a larger issue within your marriage; there is something that drives her to do so and you need to find out that . During this time, communicating with each other is the best remedy. The problem now is not what your wife is doing; you need to assess your marriage carefully and see if there is a source for all these signs.


Keep a cool head always and always think twice before you act. Do not jump to conclusions and observe the signs carefully; this is  how to tell if your wife is cheating. Once you’ve confirmed it, find the core problem that make her do so (it probably lack of sex, lack of affection, etc) and make and attempt to fix it together.

Nevertheless, I DO realize that if she really IS cheating, it can be hard to make her admit it by simply talking. We all wanted that we’re wrong about the signs, but the only way to make sure is gaining hard evidence. It might be (highly) uncomfortable to do this, but you deserve to know the actual truth. For help about this matter, I suggest you read Sarah Paul’s guide where she shares proven techniques to actually find out the truth.

The truth might be hard, but it is better than 1) live in ignorance while prentending everything is OK or 2) live in constant fear of the day when she’ll come to you with the divorce paper.

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