How to Survive a Long Distance Relationship – Five Simple Reminders

An innumerable number of couples have to deal with long distance love affair. Some husbands have to leave home to work in another branch in another city. Some high school sweethearts need to take different roads as they finish their degrees in distant universities. Mariners and military officers have to bear months of not seeing their family.

Unfortunately, many couples fail to keep their relationship intact after a period of not seeing each other. They’re overwhelmed by the miles and oceans that separate them. They forget that there are simple steps on how to survive a long distance relationship. Here are some.

It’s a small, small world.

Give credit to technology for letting you email your sweet nothings in a snap, converse with your partner through free voice chats or affordable mobile calls and share your videos and photos through social networking sites or web albums. Since everything is now almost possible through clicks, you can’t blame distance for lack of communication anymore. All you have to do is to find time for your regular virtual date.

Don’t play when the cat is away.

When you miss your partner, you seem to be vulnerable to temptations around you. You tend to look for the qualities your lover have in other men/women and flirt with them to ease the longing. When situations like these arise, remind yourself to stay loyal. Whimsical gratification only disturbs your peace of mind. Imagine how painful the consequences would be for all the parties involved.

The world is meant to be explored and shared.

Distance is a good opportunity for you to discover places and meet people individually. For every encounter, you learn something worth sharing to your partner. Share to him/her the important details. He/She would love to be a part of the world you are in. Don’t keep your observations and realizations to yourself. To know how to learn vicariously from each other’s experience is to know how to survive a long distance relationship.

The clouds are fleeting, the sky isn’t.

Keep in mind that your distance is just temporary but your commitment can last forever. In due time, you’ll be back into each other’s arms again. To keep the excitement afire, make future plans for your reunion. Would you like to disappear for a day from your family and friends to catch things up? Would you like to cook your favorite dish together? Would you like to have a marathon of DVD’s with your legs entwined?

Naysayers never appreciate the pot at the end of the rainbow.

When other people tell you you’re going to break apart, just flash a smile. Do it not because you agree with them but because you are positive that your relationship will last. Remember that the greater the sacrifice, the more fulfilling the feeling is after overcoming all the obstacles.

Geographical limitations should not destroy the bond between you and your partner. At times, you might feel like giving up but as long as you hold on to your love, everything’s going to be alright. Just think of these reminders on how to survive a long distance relationship and let the physical absence make the hear grow fonder. If somehow it’s still difficult for you to shake off the anxiety and insecurity in long-distance relationship, read useful advices by Bob Grant L.P.C, a relationship expert, in Long Distance Love Guide.

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