How to Save a Failing Marriage and Put Your Relationship Back On Track

When your relationship with your husband is about to fall apart, then that simply means that the situation is rather bad. You may think that there are no other means of saving your failing marriage, but separation, but you better think again. There are several factors that you need to take into consideration before you decide for a separation, and one of this is your feelings towards your husband. Do you still love him? If so, then you better read these advices on how to save a failing marriage and put your relationship back on track.

Give Yourselves a Much Needed Break

Sometimes separation is needed in order to give both you and your husband time to cool off from the heated situation and allow yourselves to look at things at a different perspective. It is not good to patch things up if there’s still a lot of hatred in you, coz you might just end up hurting each other. And when the time comes that you are both ready to face each other and talk things out, then you are able to come up with a decision that is beneficial to both of you.

Respect Each Other

Respect is very important in every relationship, and you should not lose respect with each other even if your relationship turned sour. Regardless of how mad you are at your partner, avoid calling him names that will just degrade his individuality, and if possible, avoid bad mouthing him in front of your kids and loved ones. No matter what had happened between the two of you, he is still that same person you have married and he is still the father of your kids.

Learn to Communicate

They say that communication is the key to saving a marriage. Well, this is definitely true, so make sure that you take time to communicate with each other even if you despise each other so much.  Be open to what you feel about the situation, and be honest with your feelings. If you still love him, then do not be afraid to tell him. But make sure that you are also open to whatever it is that he will tell you.


If you want to know how to save a failing marriage, then you must learn how to compromise. Remember, we all are different from each other, so there is a possibility that you and your partner will have different thoughts, opinions and feelings. But do not allow such differences to ruin your relationship, so make sure that you compromise, instead of just giving in to what your partner wants. This is important so that each of you would learn to understand and accept each other’s differences.

Solve Your Problems Immediately

If you and your partner had a fight, make sure that you resolve such issues the soonest possible time. Avoid delaying things, because this might just escalate into a big fight, and will just make things even worse. As much as possible, confront your partner immediately if you feel that you two have problems that you need to take care.

Create a Bond

They say that the best marriage is something that is formed out of friendship. While this might not be true on some people, such saying is actually true in most cases, because two people who are friends can easily get along well with each other. So take time to bond with your partner and consider each other as your one true friend. Go out on a date and have dinner, or perhaps, do activities that the two of you enjoy doing.

Join Counseling

If you feel that the problems that you and your partner have is getting worse as ever, then perhaps it’s about time that you allow someone to mediate the two of you. Consider the possibility of going on counseling, or perhaps join a counseling group, where you get to know other people who are in the same situation as you are. Seeking professional help is sometimes the best option if you want to know how to save a failing marriage, because these counselors are people who could best understand what you are going through, and could give you the most appropriate advices that you need.

Accept your Mistakes

It would greatly help to patch things up if both of you would learn to accept each other’s faults, and of course, realize your own mistakes as well. So if you still want to make your relationship to work, make sure that you’ll not only forgive each other, but forgive your own self as well. Forgiveness allows for both of you to move on and forget all the misunderstandings that you two have.


As previously mentioned, in order for the two of you to move on and forget what had happened, you must be able to forgive each other. But how can you forgive each other if none of you will apologize? If you want to know how to save a failing marriage, you should learn to swallow your pride and be the first to apologize even if you feel that it was never your fault. Although it could take time before the two of you could totally forget the pain, forgiving each other is enough for you to be able to move on easily.

Make Amends

As soon as both of you are ready to talk things out, then it’s time that you discuss the things that are missing in your marriage and think of ways on how to fill-in these missing pieces. It is also a good idea to ask each other what are the things that needs to be changed between the two of you so that the problems that you had will not happen again. Be open to communicate with each other and share your thoughts, feelings, future plans and everything that’s happening in each other’s lives.

Be Determined

If you really want to know how to save a failing marriage and make your relationship to work again, then be persistent with your efforts in order to make things work between the two of you. There might be some challenges that you are going to face along the way, but you should not allow such challenges to ruin your plan of saving your relationship. Just think about the outcome of your efforts. Remember, it’s not only you who are going to reap the benefits, but your kids as well, and your entire family.

Learning how to save a failing marriage is never easy, and that’s the reason why a lot of couples nowadays would rather choose to end the marriage instead of finding ways to work things out. But if you are really determined, then do not give up and lose hope. If worse comes to worst, do not be afraid to seek professional help and ask the guidance of your friends and family as well.

How to save a failing marriage is always a difficult task, but hopefully these advices will make things easier for you. So I wish you all the best in your endeavors and I hope that you will end up successful in saving your failing marriage.

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