How to Make A Long Distance Relationship Work – Four Essential Things To Keep the Relationship Intact

Some of us have already experienced long distance relationships and it’s very hard being in a commitment where you don’t see each other regularly. But if both parties believe that a long distance relationship is the best option then it can still work, you just need to know how to make a long distance relationship work.


In any kind of relationship, trust is the key. And it is needed more in long distance relationships due to the fact that you can’t see your partner and you won’t know exactly what his/her activities are. Trust is the basic ingredient; but you’ll need more practical methods to make this work. I suggest you get them from an expert at Long Distance Love.

Suspicion and mistrust only bring about horrible consequences that will only destroy your relationship, whereas trust brings positivity and love. If you don’t trust your partner then your relationship is as good as dead, doubting your partner will just create arguments that may end your relationship. Always avoid hurt feelings; if you have misunderstandings, then you need to…


Although obviously fundamental, communication is needed more if you want to know how to make a long distance relationship work. As absence will naturally create a physical distance, it will also produce an emotional distance between two lovers. By communicating regularly, you can talk things out and be up to date to whatever activities you are doing and vice versa.

As you talk to your partner, be honest and tell her what you feel. Do this as regularly as you can and never let a day pass without the two of you talking to each other. The next thing to do on how to make a long distance relationship work is…

…Create a Plan

Creating a short term and long term goal will give you chances to see that your relationship is advancing on certain levels. A good example of a short term goal is after a month you will send each other a gift or a card. An example of a long term goal is after 6 months or 1 year, you will visit your partner or she could visit you.

With these ideas as your goals, you can create plans on how the both of you can attain these milestones.

Ultimately, you need to have an exact time frame or a date on when you’ll be together again It could be after you graduate or whenever she finds a better job near you. Talk to each other and create a plan to accomplish your goals.

Follow Through

Being in a long distance relationship is really hard work. Creating the goals is just one thing you need to do, the other is to follow through with your plans. If you miss each other, call, chat online, e-mail, just stay true to your plans and accomplish each goal.

Persevere and stay strong, stick to your plans and after some time you’ll see each other again. You just need to put into action the things on how to make a long distance relationship work.


Learning how to make a long distance relationship work can be easier by doing the things I’ve mentioned above. Just remember that absence makes the heart grow fonder so stay strong, trust your partner, and believe in each other. For more comprehensive and practical guidance from an expert (Bob Grant, L.P.C), I encourage you to visit Long Distance Love.

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