How to Know If Your Girlfriend is Cheating – Six Obvious Signs of Her Unfaithfulness

Affair DetectiveThey’re still together. But every time he holds her hand or gives her a smack, he feels something’s not right. She has been behaving quite differently these past few days. He’s starting to doubt her loyalty and commitment to him. It’s usually men who are accused with infidelity in the relationship but he feels it’s the other way around this time.

If you’re suspecting that your woman is wandering away, here are some ideas on how unfaithfulness affects her ways. You must keenly observe her behavior. Apparently, this is the first step on how to know if your girlfriend is cheating.

Unfaithfulness is a word silencer.

Women have always been labeled as wordy, detailed and comfortable with beating around the bush. They have the need to express what they think and what they feel, even if it means repeating the same story over and over again. They need someone who can put up with their talkative side. If your girlfriend has turned secretive, try to keep an eye on her. If it happens once or twice, she may be just trying to surprise you. But if the behavior has become consistent, she may have found another guy to share things with.

Unfaithfulness makes her busy.

If she doesn’t enjoy your company anymore, she’ll do everything to avoid you. Did she inform you she needs to render overtime work in the office for two straight weeks? Does she fill in her organizer with all-female outings and dates? Does she rarely reply to your emails and messages? Her aloofness can be one of the means on how to know if your girlfriend is cheating. It’s very possible that on those days when she’s not with you, she’s dating someone else. It should give you a hint about how she feels for your relationship.

Unfaithfulness causes her physical unresponsiveness.

Her physical intimacy gives you clues on what’s going on in your relationship. Does she still enjoy cuddling like how she used to? Doesn’t she hold your hand in public anymore? As part of your routine, does she still end the day with a shower of kisses before you part ways? When your girlfriend stops doing these things to you, there must be a valid reason for it.  She knows it’s dissatisfying and frustrating on your part so she wouldn’t avoid physical sweetness if she’s truly in love.

Unfaithfulness may lengthen her phone and Internet usage.

One of the common ways to sustain an illicit love affair is digital communication. So if she’s really into someone else, she would increasingly spend time tinkering her phone. She would also get random calls that she would rather cancel or answer away from you. Worse, she may turn off her phone to left no hints of wandering. She’ll also surf the Internet more often that she used to. If you sit beside her while she’s checking her mails, she definitely ask you to leave for her privacy.

Unfaithfulness brings out her overly self-reliant side.

Couples consult each other every now and then, especially on decisions that involve both parties. When she suddenly behaves as if she doesn’t need you in her life, step back and assess the situation. What’s the reason behind these changes? Does she want to prove something to herself? Is it part of her quest for independence or is it her subtle way of saying, “Don’t you get it? I don’t love you anymore.” Noticing how she creates distance between the two of you is an effective way on how to know if your girlfriend is cheating on you.

Unfaithfulness makes her easily lose her temper.

Do you end up arguing over petty matters? Do you simple requests turn her shout into a lion’s roar? A woman is angered for invalid reasons when she’s occupied with something else or when she doesn’t get what she truly wants. She probably flares up because she’s irritated with the fact that she’s with you, instead of the other man. She may be frustrated with her dishonesty or with her cowardice to tell you the truth.

If you suspect that you have a cheating girlfriend, most likely you are confused, hurt and depressed. But don’t let these emotions cloud your thoughts as you go through the how-to-know-if-your-girlfriend-is-cheating process. Be objective as the indicators above may also mean she has a personal problem. Be observant with her inconsistencies but be sensitive to her needs, too. If it turns out that she’s really two-timing you, talk to her about it and ask her to be honest.


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6 Responses to How to Know If Your Girlfriend is Cheating – Six Obvious Signs of Her Unfaithfulness

  1. Brandon says:

    I’ve been starting to notice that my girlfriend has been a little secretive and she lied about talking to her “brother” and it’s a little strange because he calls her babe, but when I tell her that I don’t like it, she tells me that what he says, means nothing, but I don’t believe she is being honest with me

  2. THEMBA says:

    may I ask you something if you are there?

  3. Tom says:

    My girlfriend has been on her phone when we watch movies every so often saying she’s on a website that has funny stuff on it. Then she also would have these weird wake ups and going to sleep randomly when we use our computers to chat at night. She still lives at home as do I she has her 2 brothers in the house one older and one younger; I think something may be up between them which is really sick to think but she only does these wake up and fall asleep things while he’s home ( I can see if he’s on because he’s on my buddy list on Xbox), she works with him at a retail store, he’s been getting close to her since his girlfriend left him, when he’s home and I’m over she will sometimes go talk to him privately, and one time when I spent the night I noticed she tried to get him out of the house and go to work but he was still in the shower and I could hear them talk for a little and she was in there for almost an hour. What should I do? Or am I just really blowing it out of proportion. – Tom

    • Jody says:

      Actuly that means that she just trust him. I have 5 brothers and I sit on the toilet lid and talk to them when there in the shower and then we rotate. Doesn’t mean anything is going on just means she needed someone to talk to . I miss my siblings all the time.

  4. gary says:

    well i have a woman that was all sweet n careing u no that loved for me to joke with her at her work place u no when she got her brakes n when she got her lunch i would stay till she got her lunch so she could take me home cuz i worked all night at the same place as she does but now its like she doesnt want me to touch her kiss her or anything only at the place we work before it didnt matter but now it does she would text me all the time n now i barley get 5 texts from hewr during a day so before all this she begged me to move inb with her so i did n she keeps getting worse i cant do anything with my family n we always do what she and her kids want to any help would be great thanks

    • Richard W. says:

      Hi Gary,

      From the way you described it, she seemed “not really into you” anymore. She probably:

      – see someone else (you can read the signs in this article)

      – or there is a problem within the relationship that you’re not aware of. I suggest you read how to mend a broken relationship for advices on this matter.

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