How to Get Your Man Back – Facts You Must Know and Actions You Must Take

Knowing how to get your man back is not a matter of sheer emotions. Contrary to what most women feel, it involves the art of thinking, psychology and intuition.

True. When you’re at the end of the rope, you can desperately muster every cell of courage to win the battle. Because your heart wants him back so bad, you ignore the idea that love isn’t all about fighting. It’s about freely giving oneself to the other.

With that instilled in your mind, there’s no way of evading the love facts stated below. The two tips rooted from each fact will be your keys to a responsible relationship with your ex.

Fact No. 1: You cannot give to others what you cannot give to yourself.

Nobody is ready to commit or re-commit to a relationship when he/she lacks the sense of self-worth. Cliché as it may sound but every plan, endeavor or journey must begin from within – accepting your past, respecting your wants and identifying your needs.

Insightful tip no. 1: When you beg, you claim to be a loser.

A beggar who comes to you appears to be either a pain in the neck or an object of sympathy. If you plead for a second chance, your man will either stay away from you to dodge your irritating presence or give in to your request because of pity. Either way, you earn nothing for yourself; so that should not be an option.

Insightful tip no. 2: Try a healthy distraction.

Getting stuck with your dilemma on how to get your man back causes desperation and rejection.  This greatly affects not only your self-concept but also your positive perspective of the world. To keep yourself off from this mess, enhance your talent or learn a new hobby that will keep your sanity. Before you know it, you’ll confidently wake up loving yourself even more.

Fact No. 2: Love is a two-way street.

A relationship can’t survive if both parties aren’t involved. Doing your best to iron things out for both of you isn’t enough at all if he makes no single forward move. If you misconstrue or tolerate his unconcern, you’ll eventually get physically and emotionally exhausted.

Insightful tip no. 3: Let him initiate communication, too.

Bombarding him with emails, calls, text messages and invitations won’t give you a slight idea if he’s still into the relationship or not. In fact, they only choke him to death. Don’t let him be too familiar with your routine or your ways for it only breeds contempt.  Allow him to fairly reach out to you. It feeds him a kind of power and more importantly, it tells you how much he still cares.

Insightful tip no. 4: You are not a genie.

Some men would take advantage of women who are still head-over-heels in love with them. If your ex is part of that team, he might ask you to perform this and that and you might grant all his wishes to please him. If this is your way to prove your feelings for him, so be it. But if it’s already way too much, you can always refuse, especially if he does nothing to make you feel special. Save yourself some pride.

Fact No. 3: Love involves respect and decisions.

Along the process of identifying ways on how to get your man back, you will be required to muse, consider what-if statements and get things done. Behaving without reasons is an insult to your intellect. Your will must go together with what your mind tells you. Whatever your or your man’s decision will be, both must continue to respect each other for it.

Insightful tip no. 5: Do something about what went wrong.

You didn’t break up in the past because you just wanted to. There must be a valid cause for the separation. Try to figure out what were your weaknesses and how it affected your relationship. If you get back together again, are you ready to sacrifice and straighten things out for the other? If it was his habit that angered you, can you endure his ways once you get that second chance you’re asking for?

Insightful tip no. 6: Be prepared for the worse.

In life, you don’t always get what you want. Your feelings for your guy might eventually belong to the cases of unrequited love out there. Don’t neglect to consider the possibility of seeing him with another woman or ignoring you for his other priorities. This is part of the acceptance process you have to undertake.

You probably have thought these facts and tips on how to get your man back but you just placed them in the backseat because your intense emotions have taken the stirring wheel. That’s alright. It’s not only you who have succumbed to such tendency. However, now that you’re reminded of what you ought to do, don’t do or say things out of mere whims. Be aware and stay in control with your thoughts, moves and reactions.

I wholeheartedly understand how hard to do this by yourself. Sometimes, we don’t even sure about our motives to get him back and whether he really worth that effort. And if he does, what actual action should we take? To assess your own feeling and make sure the reason is actually LOVE (not pride, jealousy, or anything like that), then understanding what actions you must take, I suggest you visit TW Jackson’s Magic of Making Up. His course has helped tons of couple reunited and I’m sure you’ll find it very helpful for you as well.

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3 Responses to How to Get Your Man Back – Facts You Must Know and Actions You Must Take

  1. Lee says:

    My man n I broke up due to lack of trust.he doesn’t trust me because of distance..i tried to be all good to him but now he’s no longer interested

  2. Linda T says:

    Thanks I read all your facts and I am guilty of all of them. You make a lot of sense I’am ready to change my ways even if we never get back together I’ll be okay, I will surely miss him because I thought of him as my soulmate but I was that crazy person and I’m ready to change my ways. Thanks again.


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