How to Get Your Ex Girlfriend to Want You Back – YES, It’s Possible!

If you are reading this, I assume that you just experienced a breakup and you want her back in your arms. This article will give you some tips and advice on how to get your ex girlfriend to want you back. So not only will she come back but, she will want to come back. Yet, you cannot trick her into coming back. The decision to come back must be originated from herself.

Is that even possible? Yes, you can achieve it by RE-ATTRACT her once again. You might think this is impossible but you must remember that she was attracted to you once before so she can be again.

Have You Done All the Wrong Things?

It’s likely that you have dealt with this break up pretty badly from the beginning. You might have argued and attempted to make her see sense and change her mind. You might have attempted to blame her for all the things that went wrong with the relationship. It is possible that you have tried begging and pleading for a second chance. You may have told her that you will change and you’ll be able to be a better man. No doubt you will have at some point argued and had a big fight, making this break up even more tough on both of you.

When a relationship ends on a bad note like that, it causes it to be a whole lot harder to mend it. Yet, it’s not impossible. When you have done all that followed by drunken phone calls and hundreds of texts after the breakup, you have been making all the wrong moves so far.

First Move

What can you do to repair all that ? First, get a piece of paper and a pen and begin to write down an apology and an acknowledgment of how crazy or silly you have been acting. Agree that the break up was a good idea and that you believe that she is right in everything she said. Send it to her and then do nothing at all!

This is exactly what you should have done in the beginning. So if you’re not at that point yet of having already made all those mistakes, you simply need to start there. You may not need a letter if you do it from the beginning. Agree that the break up is a good thing and that you happen to be thinking the same for quite a while now.

Reflect Time… For BOTH of You!

Once you have done this, leave. Break off all ties with your ex girlfriend. Don’t get drunk and annoy her in whatever way. Let her have some time to reflect.

In the mean time, you have to be active and keep your mind off all the negative things. Head out with your buddies and have fun, do not stay home and wallow in your own self pity. Having a great time and feeling good will make you more attractive to your ex girlfriend. Idea: reinventing yourself.

When she sees that you are enjoying life without her, she will wonder why?

She will begin to think you have changed and she will spot all of the good things she saw in you from the start and more. In fact, she may like you even more than she did before.

First Contact – Handle it In the Right Way

If you play the waiting game correctly she will contact you first. You might be thrilled to hear from her, but, it is vital that you stay relaxed. Let her believe that you are not really too bothered. Do not seem disinterested. Just be relaxed about everything.

If she did contact you FIRST, that does mean something. You have made her curious and willing to talk to you again. She will most likely ask to meet you for lunch or something. Agree to do so and meet up. When you meet up it is important to keep cool and not talk about what happened in the past. If somehow both of you DO end up talking about that, be sure that she is the one who initiate the subject. If she really did it, then it is a great progress for you.

Keep Escalating Slowly

Take things slow and don’t try to rush anything. Just go with the flow. Ensure that you’ve close enough with her (once again) before you do anything major. It is even better if she’s the one who make the first move. By let her initiate the first move, you’ll have even stronger relationship in the future.


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