How to Get Back Your Girl – Three Essential Tips For Winning Her Back

I know how you’re feeling right now, and nobody on earth has ever been this depressed. She has leaved and there’s nothing you can do about it! Well, you must know that many guys has experienced this too and they actually managed to get the love of their life back. Allow me to share the basic principles of how to get back your girl.

Cut Out The Desperate Stuff

You are texting her like crazy, calling her late at night after the bar, and pretty much sobbing and pleading pathetically. And it is NOT working. It’s not working because you seem a lot more like a stalker psychopath than that sweet, cool guy she likes.

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The biggest blunder all guys make is that they act desperate. You may think your heartfelt pleading is going to show her just how much you love her, but it only makes you look like a crazy fool. Stop texting her, calling her, or showing up randomly wherever she is.

The thing to do first and foremost is to accept that she’s gone. You’re will get her back, but it’s going to take some work, thinking and trust-building. You have to show her that you’re sincere, and all this begging stuff doesn’t do that. So, cut it out!

Keep Yourself Positive

My girl is gone and it’s the end of the world… what do you mean, “keep yourself positive!?” Alright, you’re in a dark place. Everything is bad all over. You’re hurt and you’re going crazy. But I have to tell you that there isn’t any way you’re going to get her back when you are feeling like this.

I think that no guy in the history of the human race has actually gotten his girlfriend back by moping and being stressed out. This does not mean that you must deny how you feel. Go ahead and wallow in your agony. But what it means is that you have to find a way to turn your thinking positive to make an action plan.

You have a huge task ahead of you. It’s a mission to win her back! Spend a little time crying into your beer and playing a few sad songs, and then go to the war room and start strategizing. You’re about to get her back by showing her that you’re really serious about making things work. At some point she’ll wonder what she was thinking, and you will both think of this as a little bump in the road. So cry a bit, and then why don’t we get started. Understand that it’s always darkest before the dawn.

Get Out And Socialize

Your pals are there for you. We’ve all had a girl walk out on us, and every good friend recognizes that this is when they’re needed most. Whenever your friends call up and say “What’s up tonight”, don’t even think of making an excuse and staying home. You’ll have sufficient time to be alone and think about things; your pals are trying to help.

Now, I just said that you ought to go out and socialize. What you do not need to do is go on a month-long bender. Don’t party your tears away. The main reason you need to go out is that it keeps you optimistic and keeps things in perspective. It also gives you some time away from yourself. I’ve known guys that get dumped, embark on a massive party spree, and when they eventually sober up and get serious, their ex is with somebody else.

Do not “play around” with other girls, even if you think that it just for fun. You may be tempted, being as you are “free” and “on the rebound”. But remember that your mission is to get her back. This is not the time for fooling around. Doing that will only keep you from your original goal.

Things are going to be just fine! Lots of guys have been where you are right now. Keep positive, go out a little and take control of yourself. You are just starting the process of how to get back your girl.

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