How To Get Back My Ex – The First 3 Steps

When you’re boyfriend or girlfriend leaves, it’s a sad day in your life. We’ve all been there before. It leaves you sitting at home all alone with your head in your hands going, “I wish I knew how to get my ex back”.

I’ll be honest with you; it’s a long and sometimes painful process. Yet, it is not an impossible thing to do. So buck up, mope and get it out of your system, and let’s start working on getting them back.

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Step 1 – Admit Total Loss

This is a huge step that some folks never take. You know, the guy at the bar who still dreams about his ex from a decade ago, or the girl that can never get over her ex-sweetie. These people are still in the denial stage and it can last a lifetime.

First, admit “total” loss. He or she is gone, and that’s that. Even though you’re going to get them back, it is important to first understand and believe it’s fully over. As soon as you’re there, you’ll be able to effectively start getting them back.

It’s a crucial step since you don’t want to appear desperate. If you go to your ex begging, sobbing, pleading, kneeling and making a sorry fool of yourself, it’s not likely to work. It is a big mistake lots of folks make. You don’t want to be needy or phony. To put it differently, don’t start buying flowers or gifts and laying it on too thick. This is another big no-no.

Both pleading and present-buying tell your ex that you’ve not accepted the way in which things are. You are still living in a dream where both of you are together, and it is time for you to wake up.

Step 2 – Write Your Thoughts In A Letter

I’ve discovered this to be truly effecting in getting an ex back. It’s the “opening move” as I call it. What it does is show your ex that you’ve accepted the reality of the situation and that you’re honest. It involves writing a letter.

Once you break up, you really want to communicate with your ex. Anyone that’s been there understands why. Anything will do just to establish communication. You text them, email them, call them late at night, “drunk dial” them… and each one of this drives them even further away because it’s not genuine.

Here’s what you do: Handwrite a letter telling your ex that you have accepted that it’s over. You understand now and you’re okay with it. That’s basically all you need to state. It’s simple and non-threatening. After you break up with someone, you’ll need space, and this sincere message from you gives them just that.

Step 3 – Exactly What Went Wrong?

The next phase is to discover the cause things went bad. You’ve got to be totally honest with yourself. This is a hard thing for most of us to do. It often means accepting blame, which isn’t easy. But, there is got to be some reasons he or she left, and you’ve got to figure it out.

Do you know the major causes? They require space, there isn’t any romance or spark anymore, it’s become boring, there’s somebody else, and big life changes are the main reasons people seperated. The truly tricky part would be that the reasons your ex gives might not be the genuine ones. They might even be deceiving themselves!

This part might take a while, but you’ll figure it out eventually. Remember that as long as you don’t know what went wrong, you’ll never be able to start over and maintain healthy long term relationship.

For those of you out there saying, “I don’t know how to get my ex back!” and crying alone at home, get started right now on fixing things up and getting them back. You’ll want to begin RIGHT NOW, not a second later. Every second that you waste means that you might miss the door of opportunity that still open for you.

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