How to Get a Guy to Like You Again – Re-Attract Him In Three Steps

Wanting your guy back into your life after a breakup is just normal. Thing is, getting back with your boyfriend is no easy feat – you will have to go through several stages in your life before you could finally get your guy to like you again. But if you are really serious about winning your guy back, you must learn these tips of how to get a guy to like you again.

Contemplate on Important Things

After the breakup, the first thing that you must do is to think things out. Find out the real reason why your guy decided to breakup with you – is it you or is it because of something else? As soon as you have pondered upon the real reason why your relationship did not work out, it’s time to think of ways on how to correct these mistakes and bring your guy back into your life.

Another important thing that you have to think over is the reason why you need your guy back into your life. Do you still love him that’s why you are fighting for him, or are you just thinking of revenge by making him to fall for you again and soon enough, you’ll just leave him for no reason at all. Whatever your reasons are, make sure that you think of it real hard so you won’t end up regretting the things that you plan on doing.

Improve Yourself

In order for your guy to love you again, you have to prove to him that you can become a better person even if he’s no longer in your life. Men will appreciate a woman who knows how to stand on her own – someone who will make her life better even after a breakup, instead of messing up her life. So if you want to know how to get a guy to like you again, then be the best that you can be and work hard to achieve your goals in order to end up successful so your guy will admire you more for all your achievements.

Another way to improve yourself is by going out of your comfort zone and making a great improvement in your life.  So if it means changing your career or relocating to a new place, then do so without hesitation. Once your guy sees that you are trying to become independent, he will surely feel sorry for leaving a remarkable girl like you.

Fix the Problem

After you have mulled over the situation and you feel you are so much better now, it’s about time that you try to fix whatever problems you and your guy have. Your first step into fixing your relationship is by asking your guy to talk things out with you.  Be honest with your feelings for each other, apologize, if there is a need to, and ask your guy frankly if he is still willing to take you back into his life.

If he still have the same feelings for you and is willing to start the relationship again, then do not think twice of accepting him back into your life. But if he no longer wants you back, and if he has already moved on with his life with a new girl, do not feel so desperate. It may be frustrating to think that you are not successful with your goal of having him to like you again, but the best way that you can actually do is to handle the situation in a positive way, and make him realize that you are already mature enough to accept the fact that you two can no longer be together.

Having your guy to like you again could take a lot of hard work, especially if your guy is no longer interested on fixing your relationship again. But do not despair, for as long as you follow these tips of how to get a guy to like you again, then there will still be a possibility that your guy could fall in love with you over again. Just focus on making yourself better after a breakup, because even if he will no longer take you back, there will surely be a lot of guys out there who could fall for you, and will love you more than your ex did.

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  1. Ariana Rodriguez says:

    Okay so I guess I was “Dating” a This guy or we were “Friends with benefits” And one night I did some things for him and he wanted more but I couldn’t do it because I wasn’t ready and in the morning I texted him and he ignored and I know I shouldn’t of but I kept on texting him without a response until I guess a message hit in and said “I hope were cool” And he said “Yea were cool” So then after that I texted him again and he stopped answering again and I just want to get back together with him because I’m ready to do the things he wanted

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