How do I Get My Boyfriend Back – Start with the Root Problem

If you want to cure your hypertension, the first thing you ask is what causes it. In the same way, the question, “How do I get my boyfriend back?” can be resolved by identifying the main reason why you broke up. Reconciliation will never occur if in the first place you’re clueless why you decided to live separate lives. Going back to what happened also gives you an idea how hard or possible your wish is.

Enumerated below are winning tips based on the common grounds of separation.

Did your personal differences clash?

Many couples split up because they can’t tolerate or complement with each other’s personality. They always end up fighting and shouting at each other’s faces. If your relationship was ruined by this reason, you can easily fix this by sincere communication. Give him a call and invite him for a talk somewhere. Discuss what traits you appreciate and what adjustments you can do for the relationship. When you talk to him, keep yourself calm and undemanding. Call your empathy every time you find him difficult to understand. If he doesn’t feel like having a word with you, don’t pressure him.

Did the hectic schedule get in your way?

Couple need to spend moments with each other to discover themselves deeper, to strengthen the bond and to create fantastic memories together. If both of your hands were quite full, you lacked the discipline to allot time for your partner and your relationship. Now that you ask yourself, “How do I get my boyfriend back”, make sure you scribble his name on your organizer. Find time to communicate and catch things up with him. Just be careful you don’t overdo it as your emails, text messages and calls might pester him.

Did you get bored with each other?

If your relationship happened to be monotonous, you must have run out of creative ideas to have kept it going. Now that you want him back, you can’t return to the same dullness and you have to prove it to him and to yourself that you can make it happen. All you need to do is to invest in fun and meaningful moments. Explore your hobbies, talents and interests. You can also tag him along your getaways and adventures with your friends. Those healthy activities will definitely kill the boredom.

Was there any kind of abuse in the relationship?

If you underwent physical and emotional abuses in the past, the road to reunion is going to be very challenging. It will require acknowledgment, forgiveness and letting go of mistakes. You also need to rebuild your trust. Give yourselves some time for the healing process. It should not be taken for granted because you will encounter important realizations that will help you answer your how-do-I-get-my-boyfriend-back question. When both of you are ready, all you need is a sincere talk and a covenant to never commit the same hurtful mistakes again.

Was he dissatisfied with your physical intimacy?

Men are turned off with women who react like robots to his hugs and kisses.  It greatly affects his satisfaction in the relationship. If this was partly the reason why he quit, you must learn the subtle way of flirting. Enhance your looks and be confident with it. When you get a chance to talk to him, show your killer smile and interested gaze. Men also find contagious laughter sexy and incidental touching stimulating. However, don’t make this too obvious. You wouldn’t want him to interpret your moves as expression of desperation. Keep it simple but leave him with an I-want-more appetite.

Were there infidelity issues?

If he’s currently happy with another woman, you should seriously consider if you want to steal him back. It may sound hackneyed but letting go can be the ultimate form of loving. However, if you still believe that he’s the one meant for you, make him realize your loyalty is still there. This is a risky take, though, as it may end in rejection and frustration. It entails a lot of courage and patience, too. If he comes back to you, thank your intuition. If he doesn’t, move on with your life. There are plenty of fish in the sea, anyway.

Not all of these tips may be applicable to your situation but the bottom line is know the primary reasons why you parted ways. When you’re done with the first step, it will be easier for you to generate ways for your reunion. Once you’re over the question, “How do I get my boyfriend back?” value the second chance that has been given to you. Give him and your relationship sufficient time, love and dedication.

Contemplating is a necessary step, but once you’ve decided that you want him back, you need actual actions to take. A blunder in actions could drive him even further from you. I suggest you check out TW Jackson’s Magic of Making Up where he write down the step by step guide: from contemplating to getting back together to maintaining a fulfilling long-term relationship.

Do You Still Love and Care Your Ex Very Much But He doesn’t Feel the Same? Do You Think that You’ve Messed Up So Bad that the Relationship is Beyond Recovery?

If your answer to the above questions is Yes, then the first thing that you must realize is THERE IS HOPE. A lot of couple reunited every day regardless of their awful situation and you CAN too!
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