Having Infrequent Sex Problem in Marriage? – Try These Five Easy Ways

Marriages are made in heaven and celebrated between couples. Remaining in a sexless wedding is challenging and goes through a lot of psychological and emotional issues. Sexless marriages are very typical among today’s couples and the thought of denial are extreme and gradually develops up over time. Sexless marriages are more vulnerable to end in divorce due to the bad thoughts which get created within a relationship. Sexless marriages happen in a wide range of reasons like gap in communication, lack of time for each other, issues related to family, arguments, stress and disagreements and reasons are endless.

Here are five easy ways to help you get over your sexless marriage issues.

Talk to each other

A satisfied wedding is a lengthy discussion which always seems too brief. Most people don’t get married to someone they can’t talk about with. An excellent discussion is when you are both causing the discussion. When you are having an excellent discussion with your partner, try talking about topics like passions, planning a vacation, your early years, films and movie reviews, weekend plans, any new ideas, etc. Avoid topics on household chores, money, parents, family, health, neighbors, etc.

Understand each other’s needs

Women like flowers, evening dinners, surprise gifts, etc. If your spouse is working, you can try returning home early and plan an evening dinner for her. If she is a homemaker, provide her with a hand to help with the household chores. This way she will be stress free and relaxed. And once she will have fewer responsibilities, she will be more open to journeys in bed. Recognize and understand your husband’s physical and emotional needs. Once your husband comes back from work, make him a good cup of coffee and discuss with him about his day at the office, projects, future assignments, etc. If possible go out for a refreshing evening walk. In this way both of you will feel relaxed and pampered.

Bring a Change in Your Sex-Lifestyle

Add a little secret and fun to your sex-lifestyle. Get into the feelings. Read out erotic stories to your partner. Watch some funny sex videos and play some sex themed games together. Try getting naughty with your partner and discuss your sexual fantasies. You can also think of doing some other activities like massaging, strip teasing and taking a hot tub bath together.

Creating a Sex-Schedule

Discuss with your partner about a perfect sex schedule. Your schedule should include having sex once, twice or thrice in a week. If your partner wants to have sex a lot more often than you do, bargain somewhere in the center and then maintain it. Create sex times and routine these times on your schedule. Do not put your sex-life aside due to disagreements and fights. Resolve your fights and get back to your sex schedule.


Exhaustion is typical after being a parent. Your children become your priorities and always keep you up on your toes. You can think about hiring a maid to look after your baby and house. This way you will feel relaxed. Eight hours of sleep is a must so try getting into bed early. Get your partner to do the same. And once you are in the feelings again, having sex during the day or during the early hours of the morning will help both of you to overcome exhaustion along with sexual pleasures.

A long-term marriage relationship with a good amount of interaction can get you back the old courtship times. Do remember that loads of love and open communication is the main key for any long lasting marriage. Communicate your desires and take small risks to optimize your sex-life. Don’t let your memories of leading a happy marriage to remain only as memories. Keep the sex up! A successful relationship is a give and take process. One partner should give and the other should accept and it’s vice versa.

A wedding in disaster doesn’t actually mean it’s on the threshold of divorce and everything is over.  If you include these five steps in your daily life, you would be able to enhance the relationship with your partner and live a tale with a satisfied conclusion.

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One Response to Having Infrequent Sex Problem in Marriage? – Try These Five Easy Ways

  1. Author Miller says:

    We haven’t had sex (together ?) in 8 yrs.& my wife has many thoughts concerning how compassion has disappeared from our lives. Her and both of her sister’s were subjected to many sexual abuse incident’s from a step-father & this undoubtedly has had an effect on each of them. My wife has told me to have affairs just don’t tell her of them. My problem with that though is that desire on both parties is a requirement. An affair that did have a strong sexual desire for each other I’me afraid would be more than either could ignore. What’s next, DIVORCE!

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