Your Girlfriend Wants to Break Up? Save Your Relationship in Seven Steps

He isn’t that insensitive to notice the signs. She used to call him in the office during his lunch break, buy his black pug some dog food and invite him for a sushi meal at their favorite Japanese shop. Just when he thought she might be the one, she started to get cold. Now she has the busiest schedule, makes a lot of excuses and blurts out plenty of complaints about niggling matters in their relationship. She couldn’t even look straight into his eyes. He knows his girlfriend wants to break up.

There are a number of reasons why girls would decide to leave their boyfriend and end the relationship. Sometimes, the problem is on them, but a lot of times, the boyfriend is to be blamed of. It was said that the number one reason why many girlfriend wants to break up with their boyfriend and call it quits, is because they feel that their boyfriend is no longer giving them utmost importance.

Whether it’s your girlfriend’s fault or yours, here are several ways on how to fix the relationship and make your girlfriend to change her mind.

Talk to Her

Of course, your first step into fixing the relationship must be to open up a conversation with your girlfriend. Ask her directly why she wants to end the relationship, and make sure that you listen to what she has to say and be open-minded to everything that you will hear. Your girlfriend might just be depressed at work or perhaps, she has her own personal problem that she needs to take care all by herself and that’s why she’s letting you go.

Make Her Laugh

Do you still remember the time that you threw a joke at your girlfriend that she really laughed so hard at that joke and you feel like she’s the happiest person on earth at that moment? Make her happy once again by thinking of a joke that you knew will make her laugh that hard. Girls are easily smitten with boys who could make them laugh, so bring back your funny self and your girlfriend will soon realize that letting you go will be a big loss on her part.

Make Her Feel Loved

As previously mentioned, the number one reason why some girlfriend wants to break up with their boyfriend is because they feel like they are not being given importance. Remember that your relationship exists because you two have fallen in love with each other, and therefore, you should make each other feel important and loved. Think of ideas on how you can make your girlfriend feel loved – you don’t really need to stop the rain and move the mountain, even simple gestures is enough to make your girlfriend feel she’s important and well-loved.

Face the Situation

If your girlfriend wants to break up with you, be brave enough to face the situation and recognize the problem. Sometimes, when a problem comes in a relationship, some men would tend to ignore this and they would not even to talk to their girlfriend for fear that they will be rejected. Be man enough to face the situation and fix all problems that you have with your girl, instead of ignoring her which will just make the situation worst.

Be Honest With Your Feelings

Again, be brave enough to confront the issue and open-up to your girlfriend what you really feel and how you will be affected with her decision. If you feel like your world will shatter if your girlfriend decides to leave you, then you better let her know this. But this does not mean that you will beg for her to stay and force yourself on her if she no longer wants to be with you – be open-minded and accept things no matter how hard it can be.

Consult Her Friends

Unlike boys, most girls would love to open-up their feelings to their group of friends, and this includes the problems that you two have. Therefore, consult her friends and ask for an advice on how you could make your girlfriend to change her mind. Since they are girls like her, they would understand the feelings of your girlfriend and so you could ask them why, all of a sudden, your girlfriend wants to break up with you.

Stay Positive

I know it’s hard to stay positive when your girlfriend is trying to leave you, but it would help if you just stay calm and be optimistic about things. Reacting on a negative way will just make the situation worse because this could lead to misunderstandings between the two of you, and it will obviously not make things better. Handle the situation in a mature way and make your girlfriend understand that there are solutions to whatever problems you have.

They say that letting go is sometimes the best thing to do, but if ever you decide to give-up your girlfriend… do you think you will not have any regrets later on for doing such? So while you still have time, you better do something to fix the relationship. But if you feel that you have already done everything, yet your girlfriend is still firm with her decision to leave, then you just have to let her be – you already did your part.

Remember that you cannot force someone to stay in a relationship if she no longer wants to, worse, you cannot force someone to love you if she no longer have the same feelings for you. Do not be blinded by the love you have for your girlfriend, for it is extremely difficult to be with someone who no longer has the desire to be with you. So if you have already done so much and still, your girlfriend wants to break up with you, then you have to let her go and accept things no matter how difficult it may seem – everything has a reason, and soon enough, you will understand why these things are happening. Remember to give your best effort before deciding to give up. 

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