Get Wife Back – Five Questions to Ponder for a Successful Reunion

Depending on the situation, to get wife back after the divorce may be easier or tougher. It’s easier because you don’t have to start from scratch. Having lived together for some time, you know the woman inside out. It’s tougher because you have to overcome the conflict that caused your separation. Hatred and pain make reunion somehow impossible. However, if you find the right answers to our can-you questions, that means you might actually get there.

Can you think of a valid reason why it’s good to be together again?

To vow that only death will do you part is a heavy decision but to withdraw from such vow is even heavier. It follows that your decision to be with her again must be the heaviest. It’s not wise to win her back because the bed is too big without her or because of the demand of your family. Listen to yourself and if the heart and mind reach a consensus, keep going along the street.

Can you forgive yourself and your partner?

The regretful thing about regret is it comes at the later part, when everything was said and done. But the good news is forgiveness can always outweigh it. If you regret because you cheated on her, you were too busy at work or you failed to recognize her devotion to your union, are you willing to pardon yourself? If the reason of your divorce was caused by your wife’s condemnable act, can you let go of the past?

Can you totally accept the nature of a woman?

From anatomy to doing the laundry, women are creatures designed differently from men. They need more minutes to dress up, more consultations to solve a problem and more time for foreplay in bed. They are usually sensitive, emotional, and poor with directions. Well, if you reckon you can put up with these habits simply because you want to get wife back, be warned. It requires ultimate patience and understanding to live in a give-and-take relationship.

Can you make her feel special?

Most women are not hard to please at all. You don’t have to offer the luxury of Louis Vuitton products or Tiffany and Co. jewelries to please them. It’s the little things you do to appreciate their being that put a beaming smile on their face. It can be a self-made card, a sweet haiku, a brief call or a short text message out of nowhere. Why don’t you send her some flowers? Many women nod in agreement to the words of Jostein Gaarder in her book, The Christmas Mystery. She said, “Flowers were part of the glory of heaven that had strayed down on earth.” Go and spill her some glory.

Can you imagine forever with her?

When you ask yourself that question before you got married, the answer was romantic. After all the struggles you’ve been through, try to ask that question again and come up with a realistic answer. The main ingredient of marriage is not magic but commitment. Desire, motivation and promises are insufficient to sustain the union. You have to prove them through your actions.

After considering these questions, try to talk to her about the idea of living under the same roof again. Don’t pressure her to give you the answer right away. Like you, she needs time to think about the consequences of her decision. Remember that resolving the get-wife-back issue also calls for the virtue of waiting.

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Do You Still Love and Care Your Ex Wife Very Much But She doesn’t Feel the Same? Do You Think that You’ve Messed Up So Bad that the Marriage is Beyond Recovery?

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