Overcome Depression – Five Questions to Help You Get Over Being Dumped

When you’re trying to get over being dumped, everything seems to be teasing your will. You turn on the radio and all the songs you hear make you rekindle both your good and bad times together. You read a novel and you find yourself in a melancholic character. You go to a supermarket and your memory recalls the cracker your ex loves to nibble. To help you resist with this ridicule, we listed five effective have-you-ever questions that will guide you in the process of letting go.

Have you ever seen a poster of smileys with different facial expressions?

It actually tells us we all live in a galaxy of emotions and we should be thankful for every opportunity that leads us to a feeling we haven’t felt before. Every moment evokes an emotion only that moment can do. When he stared at you, you got thrilled. When she introduced you to her family, you were anxious. When a handsome neighbor walked her home, you got jealous. And now that you’re infuriated or tormented because your ex dumped you, let the emotion flow freely through your veins. Accept your humanness and immerse in your pain. You never know when you’re going to feel hurt again.

Have you ever repeated a story many times you got sick of it?

The only thing your friends can do in this situation is to listen. However, that is considered highly significant as it allows you to hop from one house to another to squeeze your heartaches out. With their empathic ears, you can talk and talk until you yourself are too exhausted to share your sad story. Paulo Coelho, a famous Brazilian author, said in one of his booksellers that once you share your stories, they will be replaced with more wonderful ones. That implies you’ll eventually wake up one day with a desire to share a different experience.

Have you ever hated someone so much it hurt you?

Other people suppose that hating your ex will help you get over being dumped easier and they are correct. However, keep in mind that hate is a negative feeling and therefore, has negative effects on you too. If you receive a friendly message from him, how would it affect your disposition that day? If you see her dating with another guy, would it not enrage you? The solution is not hate. It’s to accept that you’re now both living separate lives. It’s to learn how to un-love the person.

Have you ever wondered how nations recovered from world wars 1 and 2?

It’s because time, in its own time, heals all wounds. That includes your bleeding heart. Some people are excellent in overcoming trials. For some, it takes years to be able to love again. But the common denominator is the Persian proverb, “This too shall pass.” If you’re not convinced, find inspiration in the cycle of nature. You see, spring comes after winter, a butterfly comes from a cocoon and sunrise comes after sunset. The list goes on and on. Just don’t get blinded.

Have you ever pondered what decisions are made for?

They are meant to determine whether you are a knight or a coward. If you decide to be weak, make your life miserable with your agony. If you decide to be strong, then believe in love again. But come to think of it, if you ask a child to choose between a bitter gourd and a potato, he or she would readily pick out the latter. Well, you are actually in the same boat. It’s just that you’re choosing between a cage and a pair of wings. Tell me, why choose the former when being stuck won’t get you anywhere?

To get over being dumped is a challenge. When you’re rejected, you feel you’re not worthy of his or her love. But in time, you would hear your mind and heart opposing to that big lie. When you’re done picking up the broken pieces, show everyone the confident smile of a wiser and stronger person. If you get a chance, thank your ex lover for the worthwhile experience.

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