Get Him to Commit – Seven Tips to Get Your Relationship to the Next Level

commitIn the first stage of a relationship, you always say that magic is in the air. You get thrilled as both of you exert extra effort in making your first few dates engaging, romantic and memorable. But as time passes by, that romantic feeling melts away. With a woman’s natural longing for security in a relationship, you wonder how you will keep the music playing. You ponder over things that can get him to commit to your relationship.

Let him be himself

As how you’d deal with your best chums and close colleagues, get to know his true colors and let him be who he is. A man appreciates a woman who knows how to accept and praise his real identity. In the same way, don’t wear a mask on your face to hide your pimples. A man puts high regard to a girlfriend who’s comfortable with herself and who doesn’t feel awkward with his presence.

Communicate your ideas

Talk to him about anything under the sun. Don’t be scared to share your ideas, from the silliest joke you can think of to the highly philosophical aspects of war. As the golden rule suggests, listen to him with empathy as well. Bear in mind that communication breeds trust and trust breeds attachment.

Share your interests

Do stuffs you’re crazy about together. If you’re both food freaks, explore various cuisines available around. Compromise, if necessary, just like the way you do a favor for a buddy. If he’s into anime, try to recognize the powers of amazing ninjas in Naruto. Make your world bigger and better.

Make him feel special

Do say those three short words every now and then and mean it. Write him poems and letters, bake him a cake, plan birthday surprises and sing him songs. If you find these already centuries-old, come up with creative ways with the modern gadgets and updated technology.

Touch and be touched

To get him to commit to your relationship, touch him and let him touch you. It doesn’t necessarily mean spending the night sleeping in the same bed. Even your warm hugs and sweet kisses are more than enough to remind him how much you care. If you’re fond of ribbing him, tickle his armpit, nibble his ears or touch his toes with yours under the table. There can be a lot of ways to be playful or to manifest the art of physical seduction.

Introduce him to your family and friends

He’ll definitely feel proud if you ask him to join a family reunion or a gathering with your long lost friends. Let him express his opinions in a discussion or do a significant part during preparation for a party. With this, you address every person’s need to belong. It can be more rewarding for him as they are the people you interact with in your life.

Plan your future

As Antoine de Saint-Exupery said, love does not only consist in gazing at each other but also in looking together in the same direction. This is very crucial as it may call for major decisions in your career and aspirations. Take things as they flow. Don’t haste. After all, love isn’t a race.

Indeed, it is a serious challenge to get him to commit to you and your relationship. It isn’t easy, the road has plenty of humps. But a woman who is truly in love will do her best in keeping the song from fading too fast. And a man who values this may even hum a tune with her forever.

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6 Responses to Get Him to Commit – Seven Tips to Get Your Relationship to the Next Level

  1. anita says:

    I broke up with my x and tried getting back to him but he said he is not ready for a committed relationship. But now we are even more close than before, we have sex and he says stuff like he misses me, he also tells me stuff about him like how he wants to make money ,his investment and the likes of it.Is it possible he still has feeling for me.How can i get him to be committed again

  2. Alice says:

    Well I started out being friends with this guy, and he is lovely and then we realised that we like eachother, but he is a very complicated person and very hard to read. He was adorable, told me he loved me and we went on long romantic walks. But a lot of his friends are single and then he told me that he was feeling depressed and that we should just ‘forget it’. I was really upset but he had messed me around a bit before and ignored me at parties. He had my initials next to his name on his instant messenger and then he just took it off. And said that he didn’t want to commit to anything. I am not surebut maybe it was moving too fast. We have met eachtohers families etc and I don’t know whu it just suddenly turned so bad. Help!

    • Richard says:

      Hi Alice,

      Men afraid of commitment isn’t something new, but you can do something about it (like what wrote in above’s article).

      However, if you have broke up with him and willing to salvage the relationship, I suggest you read how to get your man back. You’ll discover how to assess the relationship first before actually do anything.

      • kathy says:

        I guess there is always the internet after she goes to bed. Men just are not satisfied creatures. They need variety to stroke their egos! They live in a fanasty world. I guess it needs to be extra different each time. Yet they cannot express what they want because then they would not be able to move on to the next woman. They live in this dream world that everyone woman is going to meet their expectations. I just do not believe anything they say. If they would only face the real picture that they want. They have it in their head but cannot tell anyone what they are thinking. Since I am a beautiful blonde with a wonderful voice and look like Marilyn I have a good idea about what they want most of the time. But it is sad they can see past there dreams?

  3. Richard says:

    Hi Sara,

    There are several reasons why men keep postponing marriage, but in your case, it might be one of the following:

    1. He just follows his “men nature” to postpone anything caused drastic change in his life. He’s comfortable with the way things now and doesn’t feel ready for extra responsibilities and compromises.

    2. You said you both are Asians and he lived with his brother. If he’s financially unstable and can’t support BOTH of you, he might wait for better career and income before marrying you. I know this isn’t a huge matter for some, but in Asian culture, men are supposed to support his family and if he can’t do that, well.. let’s say it’s more about “mens pride”

    3. He’s hedging his time before committing himself to a certain relationship in “hope of better partner”. “What if I meet my IDEAL partner when I already in a committed relationship?” True, men and women hold an ideal image of a perfect partner, but men seem to hold onto it much longer than women.

    If you have done the 7 tips above and didn’t see any result, I suggest you to confront him directly: the cause of his postponement and what his plan about the relationship in the future. The answer might hurt, but it still better to know the truth than live in ignorance.

    Good luck

  4. sara says:

    Hi, I have been with my boyfrind from 3 years.he is 27& half and I am 31 years old.his family is very conservative but we are very open minded.we both are abroad out of our own different country.we both are asian.i stay alone and he stay with his elder brother and his wife here.sometime he stays with me from the 3 years we are very close.but till now he dont come up for marriage.i talked many times from 2 years,he always says he will this year this month that month but he does not have any action that proves related that he is serious about marrying me.i dont have any clue what to do. before i told him-my parents wants me to get married and they are searching a men for me.nothing happend to him with my this action. also i took break 3 months and showed that i can live without him. then he started talking and contacting with me so i started become normal.but with that also nothing happens to him. i have been always very nice to him,loving ,caring, he also knows how much he is comfortable with me,after that also till now he dont come forward for marrige.i dont know what to confortable with him,but then how to make him to come forward for marriage,can you help me writing me back in my email.thanks

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