Get Ex Back with No Contact – Three Actions You Must NOT Take For It To Work

The Get Ex Back with No Contact break-up strategy is really effective when it comes to winning your ex back. But doing such is no easy feat, especially if you are used to seeing each other everyday.  As a philosophy, the No Contact (NC) Rule states that the best way to recover from all the pain brought by a bad breakup is to avoid having all types of communication with your ex.

Stop the Constant Calling, Texting, and Even Going to the Same Locations as Your Ex

Right after a breakup, the best thing to do is to let your ex be, by giving her/him the time and space to ponder about all the things that took place between the two of you. Therefore, do not disturb him/her by calling or texting, or even showing up on the same place as your ex. Doing all of these stuffs will just put both of you into a very awkward situation, and it will not heal you from the pain.

No-Contact Is Just The Opener. Here’s What You Must Do Next

Do not beg for Forgiveness or Plead Your Ex to take you back

A guy begging for forgiveness and forcing an ex-girlfriend back to his life just after breaking up is not appropriate, and is definitely not the best thing to do if you want to initiate the Get Ex Back with No Contact Rule. But this does not apply to guys only, because girls must also avoid doing these stuffs right after breaking up with their guy. Guys must take care of their ego, and girls must maintain their dignity as a woman, so do not ever consider begging or forcing your exes back into your life right after you said your goodbyes, because it will just make you look ridiculous.

Avoid Asking Your Ex to Explain the Breakup Over and Over Again

Hearing from your ex right after a break up is always awkward, and it is even more uncomfortable if you keep on asking him/her to talk or discuss about your breakup. Again, give each other the necessary time and space to contemplate about all things.  Do not open-up a conversation with your ex because if you two are still in pain, then there is nothing you can say that will satisfy both of you, especially if you keep on talking about the break up over and over again.

Following the Get Ex Back with No Contact Rule is the fastest way to move-on and get over the misery that you feel right after ending a relationship. And if you have finally gone through a long hiatus without getting in touch with your ex, then congratulations, you have made it! Now if you feel you are finally healed from all the pain and misery, then it’s about time to get your ex back into your life and start all over again.

No BreakUp is Irreversible!

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  1. Michelle says:

    Does this work? Cause I’ve tried alot and nothing is working!!

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