Five Common Problems in Marriage – Prepare Yourself

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If you’re wearing the wedding ring soon, here’s a secret for you: one of the proactive ways of having a smooth sailing married life is anticipating the possible hurdles you will encounter.

It’s comparable to preparing for a national licensure exam. You get pointers from those who already made it and you try to equip yourself with necessary knowledge and skills that will guide you in resolving the stumbling blocks. Of course, this isn’t a guarantee that you’ll have a successful union since everything will be tested once you’re there. But somehow, you can make use of what you know in a positive way.

Financial Problems

Making the ends meet is a common problem couples face. It can even totally wreck marriage as this problem can lead to loud arguments, insecurities, outbursts of anger and other more serious issues if not dealt with appropriately. Money brings in the basic necessities to the family. If the couple can’t address their need for food, shelter, clothing, health and children’s education, relationships are somehow affected.

Third Parties

Unfaithfulness arises because of dissatisfaction in marriage. Causes of dissatisfaction varies in every relationship. It can be personality differences, sickening habits like nagging and irrational blaming, lack of attention and care and even poor hygiene. If they try to resolve it by fulfilling their needs through another person, they’ll be in a great trouble. The aggrieved will lose trust and confidence in their partner. The feeling of betrayal is just too painful to be easily forgiven.

Physical Problems

What makes marriage a unique relationship is it legally allows you to bond with your partner in bed. However, some people are negligent with their partner’s physical needs. They feed themselves with much work that when they get home, they’re too tired for some cuddling. This setup causes lack of attachment, a very important factor in marriage. It causes a great deal of dissatisfaction and it seriously affects the union.


Love is sweet in its first stage because the spark is overflowing. But as years pass by, everything seems to be too trite and familiar. At times, it leads to feeling of contempt and boredom. Couples who fail to keep the fire burning are usually those who are only committed to the happy side of marriage. They forget that one of the greatest challenges in married life is discovering something new and interesting in their partner’s life every day.

Parenting Issues

Being a parent entails great responsibilities. Couples encounter many challenges in between changing diapers to sending their children to universities. At times they have different preferences in upbringing. One may spoil the kids with too much video games while the other would love them to value reading. One might decide to send the kids to a private school while the other might be contented with the free education offered by the government. These simple things can cause niggling arguments at home.

But don’t frown at married life because of these issues. Though they sometimes destroy marriage, they offer the promise of strength too if both parties are mature and wise enough to handle them. If you believe in your partner and in your love for each other, you’ll overcome all these trials and be proud of what you have.

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