Division of Household Responsibilities – 5 Easy Methods for Partners to Try

Division of household responsibilities between partners is something which is very difficult to work out. The major concern, however, is often, who is to do what. Typically, the lady covers most of the family tasks, and the man covers the bill payments, etc.

Here are 5 easy methods for couples for dividing up household chores that will guarantee all the chores get done, with love and affection.

Clear your own things

Clearing your own things not only reduces the problem of messiness but also makes a person accountable. If every individual makes it a habit of clearing up their own things, then this implies that everyone is contributing to reducing the problem. Therefore, if you create a clutter of any type, you need to do your best to declutter it. Always do your own work and make it a habit. This will keep a lot less work for later. You can think of keeping separate laundry bags for yourself, children and your partner. Make it a habit of putting your dirty clothes, inner wears in laundry bags. In your wardrobes, you can create separate shelves for you and your spouse and arrange the clothes and accessories. Get nice cloth boxes to keep your inner wears and any other accessories in your wardrobe. This avoids messing and also gives a clean look to your wardrobe.

Divide Your Household Tasks

Divide tasks according to passions and capabilities. Make a list of all your household tasks. Include things which one hates, and the other tolerates. If both despise the same chore, then figure out a way to get the task done or think of doing it together as a team. Assign your name and your partner’s name in each task. Display this chart either in your kitchen or any other location as per convenience. Both spouses should immediately start working on this chart. Keep adding tasks every day and strike off things that are done. Baby sitting task if applicable, should also be included in your household responsibilities list.

Review Each Other’s Responsibilities

Let one another know what the coming week’s time is going to be like any upcoming events, get together parties, special occasions, things that need to be done, etc. And then decide who is going to do what. Sit down to discuss objectives and carry it up. Discuss the unfastened task or process. You can also keep some fine levied on unaccomplished tasks. The one who hasn’t performed should pay an amount as a fine to the other partner. Keep the money in individual piggy banks and later utilize the money to buy any household things. In this way you bring fun and happiness in your daily conduct.

Always complement each other

Never ask for help instead always do your own shares. If one of you doesn’t perform around the house, try and discover together why there is such unwillingness. Reasons can be many and in many cases men show more unwillingness than women. Accusing your partner for what hasn’t been achieved or completed is just spending energy. Be versatile and allow your partner to achieve a process in his/her own way. Always compliment your partner instead of complaining. This will act as a motivating factor for both of you. Nagging on the other hand will only make the things worse.

Consider keeping a Domestic Help

There will be periods when one individual’s assigned task is just too big and the other individual has almost no time or trend to help them. In this situation, you may want to seek the services of individuals to help you around the house. Working couples do face this problem in their daily life. Keep a domestic maid who can help you with the daily activities and then you can easily divide all other remaining activities between you and your partner like bill payments, grocery, shopping, visiting your children’s school, gardening, etc.

Division of household responsibilities should be done to avoid conflicts and issues between you and your partner. Talk and discuss each other’s activities and responsibilities.  Chores around the home should always be considered as distributed obligations. Always remember that marriage brings a lot of responsibilities. You should always be open and happy about the changes and responsibilities that come after marriage.

Household responsibilities are a part of our life. By following these five methods, you will not only have less argument but also you would never have to do chores that you really don’t like. The same applies to your spouse as well.

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