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Strengthen Your Marriage through Five Simple Activities

Simple activity like walking on the beach can strengthen your bond and re-lit near-forgotten passion

For a couple to strengthen their bond, they don’t need to schedule a backpacking adventure to Europe, buy fancy gifts for each other or regularly try any grand activities. More often than not, it’s the little things that matter more. They are the sand that forms part of the beach or the trees that create the forest. They weave the wonderful memories that couples like to reminisce from time to time.

Below are five simple but meaningful dating ideas you’d love to consider.

Moon Watching

Except on new moon or cloudy nights, you can do this at any place. Take a ten-minute break from watching TV and stay at the balcony to stare at the glowing moon. When you’re on your way home from work, park your car at a spot for some moonshine. Most movies overemphasize romance when the moon is perfectly round but the truth is, it never loses its radiance no matter what its shape is.

Wave Listening

You don’t even have to pack your swimwear for this activity. Just go to the beach, love the sand you’re lying on and listen to the therapeutic waves. You’ll hear one of the best musical pieces nature has ever produced. This is best done when the place isn’t jam-packed with beachgoers. The silence magnifies the wave sound and makes each other’s presence more felt.

Aimless Walking

Try this early in the morning or late afternoon to avoid the scorching heat. Put on your most comfortable footwear and go for a walk around your neighborhood or in a nearby park. If you prefer, you can drive somewhere and explore a different place. Walking opens your eyes to unique things that are there but went unnoticed. It’s a good form of exercise for your legs, too.

Fun Cooking

Cook your own food together and enjoy every minute of it. Slicing tomatoes, deep frying fish or sifting flour can be more fun with the company of your significant other. Search for some great recipes on the Internet and try something new at least once in two weeks. It would be fun bringing the taste of India, South Africa and Spain on the dining table!

Hammock Swinging

If you have two trees or poles in your backyard, tie a durable hammock in between. Swinging in a hammock may be too childlike but the to-and-fro movement is quite refreshing. It reminds you of the happy mood of a typical kid. Spend your lazy weekends and days off watching flying birds, staring at the clouds, reading your favorites books, watching videos, listening to music and chitchatting at that area. You’ll love every second of it.

The suggestions above are cost-free but truly intimate. If you noticed, they are activities that give you and your partner ample opportunities to communicate, a very important factor in marriage. At times, they also allow you to share the comfort of golden silence. Always, they let you behave as who you are. If you lose these things in marriage, you will forget that giggling excitement you feel when no one else is around but you.

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Saving a Failing Marriage – Let the Adult in You Take the Driver’s Seat

Marriage isn't just laughter: when the storm comes, make sure you have what it takes to overcome it

Marriage seems about to break when the couple constantly makes a great fuss over trivial issues, when doors are often slammed or when the spare bedroom is always occupied at night.  These are indicators of a serious marital issue that can possibly lead to divorce or annulment. You don’t have to resort to that option, though, as long as you deal with it the adult way.

Understand that marriage is not pure bliss.

John Denver’s “Perhaps Love” is a song that clearly states all the possibilities of what love may be. Its metaphors tell us that marriage isn’t only about laughter, giggles and hugs. It’s a roller-coaster ride that will excite you and cause you to throw up at the same time. If you’re going through a rough road, just keep in mind that even if you lose yourself and don’t know what to do, the memories of love will see you through.

Communicate with sincerity.

Don’t get influenced by the dramatic scenes you see on television and movies. This is a real scenario, your own predicament, your own life. If you create scenes and give ultimatums to your spouse, the problem will just get worse and reconciliation might be far from reach. Sit and talk about your problems instead. Discuss what your marriage is going through and identify solutions on how to resolve them. Open communication has never failed anyone yet.

Make a compromise.

Arguments arise when one isn’t willing to adjust with the needs of the other. If your partner complains with the way you seem to flirt with the opposite sex, it would help to be extra sensitive. If the nature of your work demands most of your time, make sure you spend quality, uninterrupted days with your spouse. If the issue is about making ends meet, then come up with strategies that will help you get by. As long as you keep this a habit, you will always have each other no matter where the road will lead you.

Don’t forget your romantic side.

They say marriage becomes less interesting as you spend more years together under the same roof. This occurs because too much familiarity may not encourage you to creatively manifest your love. If you want to save your relationship, squeeze the romantic juice out and think of simple yet special ways for your husband or wife.  It can be as naughty as a stolen kiss or as well-prepared as a handmade card. Just as a plant would die if left without the necessary nutrients, your marriage won’t thrive without tender loving care.

Ask for help.

There’s no need to go to a counselor who can process your pressing issues or join a support group that can empathize your situation. Sometimes all you need is the wisdom or the listening ear of a friend, a parent, a colleague or an author. When everything gets hopeless, remember that you can source your strength from the people who have always been there for you.

Saving a failing marriage won’t happen in an instant. You have to give it enough time and proactive effort. It’s a process that should be evaluated from time to time. Acknowledge your progress and recognize your partner’s effort as well.  And when the hollows are already filled, make sure you protect them and avoid relapsing into your unhealthy habits.

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Handling Infidelity in Marriage – How to Deal with the Pangs of Impossible Love

How do you react to this sight?

Infidelity is a possible impossible love. It’s ideally impossible since an attached person should remain true to the marriage vows and stay loyal to the significant other. It’s possible because despite the immoral issues it brings, some are still tempted to the redness of its apple.  Nowadays, it’s not only Adam who always takes the first bite. Eve also does the hiding and nibbles the fruit to her pleasure.

This act undeniably brings into the relationship negative vibes such as pain, confusion and insecurity. These can break the trust, the bond and the ring if not dealt with objectively. If you’re one of those who are currently facing this disheartening issue, here are four tips that must not be left unread.

Tip 1: Let the pain stay for a while.

Don’t shoo the hurt right away. Let it sink into your consciousness, slap your face and cause you to sob. You are entitled to feel that way since you are a sensitive human being. Feeling the pain is the start of acceptance of the act, your key to making mature and wise decisions. It is as healthy as jumping for joy, as long as you don’t dwell on it for too long.

Tip 2: Figure out what the culprit is.

To objectively identify the cause of infidelity, always remember that the culprit is an answer to a ‘what’ question, not a ‘who’. You might be dying to point your finger at your partner and throw harsh words to those who angered you but the wise thing to do is to calm yourself, watch your mouth and be mindful of your actions. No issues are resolved by merely blaming a person. Whether you believe it or not, this is applicable to infidelity too.

Tip 3: Come up with a decision.

There are only two major options in this case: save the marriage or let go. When your spouse has cheated on you, it doesn’t necessarily mean everything’s over. You can still iron things out by compromising and by prioritizing the value of loyalty again. It can be very challenging but still doable. However, if one or both parties lack the motivation to pick up the broken pieces, signing the divorce papers stays on the other side of the coin. It may be a sad decision but if it’s the best way of moving on, the let it be.

Tip 4: Forgive and live fully again.

Whether you stick with or separate from each other, learn to forgive and consider the extramarital affair as part of history. Don’t let it continuously ruin your present as living life in bitterness is the choice of a loser. If you keep the resentments of the past, you will face each day with irrational fear and unreasonable skepticism. Life is too beautiful for that.

Handling infidelity in marriage involves a bumpy process since it includes the chaos of mixed emotions and the battle against an important person in your life.  It can also ruin your plans, your family and even your life. However, just remember that you won’t stay in a crisis mode forever. Everything passes. Before you know it, you’ll be grateful for the strength and wisdom you gained from it.

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My Husband Cheated on Me – Five Steps to Deal with It

When you say, “My husband cheated on me,” everyone around you would understand the excruciating process you’re going through. The confirmation would be a like a bomb dropped into your heart and that would lead to feelings of betrayal, confusion and hatred. Imagine these within you. They will definitely pull you down to the darkest pit and influence your perspective of the world as a place of suffering.

When you’re in this state, you can think of hundreds of possibilities to get the pain out of your system. However, be reminded that not all these options can help. Here are some.

Take a deep breath.

Your husband can’t blame you for throwing harsh words and calling him and the other woman names. But is being the best drama queen what you really need to be? Don’t you think it will simply worsen the issue? Take a deep breath and calm yourself, instead. The mouth may be a good outlet of pain but before it shouts, curses and hurts your husband’s ego, use your nose first. Like its effect during yoga meditation, it will give you a sense of awareness of what’s happening around you.

Know the truth.

When you’re ready for a positive confrontation, ask your husband to explain what happened. Surprisingly, like you, he might have not seen it coming. You might have ways and practices that contributed to his infidelity. He might have pressing needs that weren’t addressed by your marriage. Let him explain and be all ears. This isn’t the easiest tip you’ll ever read but it’s worth trying. After all, it’s the truth that will help you resolve this serious marriage problem.

Express the pain.  

Your husband needs to empathically listen to how his unfaithfulness has affected you. If you stretched out your patience to hear his side, he must do the same for you. If you’re more comfortable doing this with other people, then let it be. A hug from a family member or the helping hand of a dear friend will help you go through. They’ll be there from the second you say, “My husband cheated on me” until everything’s ironed out. There’s no point of keeping the hurt to yourself. Though pain may be healthy at times, dwelling on it will cause lifetime bitterness.

Give yourself some time to decide.  

If you truly love each other, divorce won’t be your first option. You wouldn’t want to instantly throw your wonderful years to the trash can. Give yourself some space and time. Do you feel motivated to save the union? Is your husband deeply sorry for his huge mistake? Are you both willing to give your marriage another try? If your answers are in the affirmative, there’s no reason to live under different roofs.

Understand that forgiveness is a process.

If you decide to keep the knot tied, you can’t expect everything to return to how it was right away. There might be instances of skepticism, distrust and paranoia but these are quite normal for a couple who has undergone an infidelity issue. What’s important is you don’t allow yourself to be drowned by these negative forces. Gradually, you need to overcome this by focusing on your and your partner’s effort to strengthen the relationship.

Nobody can undo what has happened. You can never change the statement, “My husband cheated on me.” What’s under your control is your reaction to the situation. You can choose to let your husband go and he would understand your decision. However, you can also choose to forgive the act and take it as a stumbling block that may form part of the foundation of your relationship. It’s up to you to discern which one is the best for your marriage.

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